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In the heart of Leipzig: a new home for Sister Cities


Leipzig opened its new Partnerstadt Quartier (sister city district) on Monday, May 9. Centrally located in Market Square, the Quartier is intended to be another important venue for Leipzig’s growing international community. It will be an open meeting point for the private and public actors who foster national and international city friendships. Opening speeches were


Finding comfort in being alone


Growing up, I always heard negative connotations about being alone. As a result, I also thought of it as such. However, as I mature I’m starting to question if being alone is all that bad. I have always thought of myself as a social person. I surrounded myself with a group of friends and consider


For those who love history but hate the war


“Lucky he who was taught history,“ as the saying I remember from my school years goes. I thought it was attributed to Plutarch, but my internet search offers up the name of Euripides. Well, I was a very negligent pupil, so I wouldn’t know. And because I was so negligent, today I regret not having


War in Ukraine: shock but no surprise, fury but no fear


  Is humanity the first to die in war? Truth is the first to die in times of cyber warfare and the curse of media-constructed reality. It turns out that the more living documentary evidence there is, the easier it is to deny and distort everything. The more obvious the truth, the easier it is


Ukraine: solidarity through the arts


On Thursday I was really busy, as usual. I knew A Concert for the Whole World would be broadcast live from Ukraine at 5 PM. On top of that, I knew I could watch it later. I debated. This could be heavy. Musicians of the Chernivtsi Regional Philharmonic were playing a concert from a bomb


Does diversity threaten our democracy?


[Sponsored post] On Friday, 8 April, the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Sachsen (DAIS) presents a book launch and discussion by Dr. Yascha Mounk. In his new book, “The Great Experiment: How diversity threatens and enriches democracy”, Dr. Mounk discusses the challenges faced by multi-ethnic societies. He also offers suggestions on how these societies might deal with globalization,

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