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Technology, children and good parenting

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Star Wars figures. (Photo: Daniel Cheung / unsplash)

“It’s pretty obvious that technology evolves, rather than going backwards. For this reason, it’s likely a bad idea to look at it as an enemy that should be defeated.”

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Getting Along in Germany: Service

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Getting Along series Volume 1: Service. Communications as if one person was playing checkers and the other frisbee. (Photo: public domain)

“It’s like trying to play frisbee with someone who is trying to play checkers.” In this series, Blossom Foster addresses key aspects of getting along in German culture, focusing on some pet peeves of expats as well as typical points of misunderstanding and frustration.

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Dogman: “a very mixed set of thoughts”

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Dogman review cover shot, public domain photo.

“Dogman is a depressingly beautiful film full of thought-provoking, dreadful imagery, following a tragic but most of all ambivalent protagonist.” Catch it Wed 28/11, @ Cinémathèque in der naTo.

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Female Founders Series: Marilu Valente

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Marilu Valente opens our Female Founders Series. (Photo courtesy of Marilu Valente)

In our small corner of the world, where the gap between the number of men and women leading businesses is also painfully evident, LeipGlo is doing its own interviews to highlight female founders, their wins and struggles. We start with Leipzig-based eco-design entrepreneur Marilu Valente.

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Putin’s Witnesses: an accomplice’s tale

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Putin's Witnesses takes a chilling, intimate look at Putin's rise to power. (Image: public domain)

Focusing on the time from Yeltsin’s resignation to shortly after the 2000 presidential election, director Vitaly Mansky takes us behind the scenes of Putin’s rise to power – as he himself was behind the scenes as Putin’s then-PR guy.

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My life on Mars: art and outer space

in #TechTavern/Arts/Philosophies/Society by
Artist Elizabeth Gerdeman, working on a diorama created for artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s exhibit Martian Dreams Ensemble. (Photo © Elizabeth Gerdeman)

Contemplating Elon Musk, life as a simulation, and building a planet from scratch.

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