O jeitinho brasileiro não funciona fora do Brasil

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jeitinho brasileiro
Public domain photo

“Burlar as regras de um país para conseguir encaixar-se na sociedade pode ser possível no Brasil, onde não há consequências para o jeitinho brasileiro. Mas fora dele, as consequências podem ser drásticas e até mesmo irreversíveis.”

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Review: ETL’s Philoctetes evokes the pain of betrayal

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Felix Kerkhoff compels as Philoctetes. Image by Sira Bitan, courtesy of ETL.
Felix Kerkhoff compels as Philoctetes. Image by Shira Bitan, courtesy of ETL.

ETL presents an adaptation of the Greek classic, Philoctetes. Directed and translated from the original by Abigail Akavia, this innovative twist on an old tale explores human pain and redemption.

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Curated Monthly: Top art picks in Leipzig this March

in Arts/What's on
GfZK building
Image: Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (GfZK), by Tino Strauss

Leipzig’s abandoned industrial buildings, art-world heroines and fruit: our art insider’s top Leipzig art events this month

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ETL: Philoctetes, a tale of morality

in Arts/Culture / Entertainment/Glocal/Stage/Theater/What's on
Felix Kerkhoff as Philoctetes. Image by Emily Wessel, courtesy of ETL.
Felix Kerkhoff as Philoctetes. Image by Emily Wessel, courtesy of ETL.

English Theatre Leipzig’s newest production Philoctetes is a tale of morality, of a hero who suffered great misfortune. Odysseus returns to Lemnos to get Heracles’ bow, but Philoctetes is still alive. Neoptolemus initially agrees to deceive Philoctetes, but ultimately chooses compassion.

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A cathartic poem: Leaving Lethe

in Literature/Poetry
A cathartic poem
Látrabjarg (Photo: Elisabeth Winkler)

Leaving Lethe by Elisabeth Winkler is a poem about avoiding difficult decisions and overthinking, with an introduction by the author.

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Poetry: “Last night she dreamt of a bear”

in Literature
Black bear image courtesy of Pixabay user skeeze

The new poem from LeipGlo contributor and author Lito Seizani titled “Last night she dreamt of a bear”

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