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Blinde Farben: “deep blues, warm ochres, vivid pinks”

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“It is in these places where we find the true spirit of creativity, where the magic happens and people from all walks of life gather to warm their souls and stare into the flames for a while.” Blinde Farben Exhibition, Tretjakow Gallery, Lindenau. Runs until 21 Dec.

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Christmas trivia in the Weihnachtsmarkt

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Why not source material from a Christmas-themed walking tour and then organize a trivia evening with your friends or family this holiday season? (Photo: Ana Ribeiro)

For this Tuesday evening tour along the main strips of the Leipzig Christmas Market, the people from Free Walking Tour Leipzig promise to answer “everything you wanted to know about Christmas but were afraid to ask.”

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Dr. Amorous: tackling dick problems

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"There is nothing wrong with me medically, but I have problems getting and keeping an erection." (Photo: public domain)

Some practical tips to get you back up in your life between the sheets, or spice it up. (So many puns, so little time.)

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Mr. and Mrs. Love: post-show interview

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Actors Peter Seaton-Clark (Mr. Love) and Nicola Chapman (Adelaide). Photo by Dirk Brzoska.

“Both brilliantly portrayed, the characters quickly enthrall us with their personal stories and the saga that develops as they try to navigate their changing relationship. The [venue’s] intimacy and cosy atmosphere… lends the perfect setting to this dramatic story of love and deception that plays out in Edwardian London.” Get some personal insights from one of the stars here, and catch it this Friday or Saturday at Neues Schauspiel.

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Café Oink: carving one’s cozy vegan nook

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“When I came to Leipzig five years ago for university, I immediately fell in love with the city… in order not to have to leave in search of a ‘proper’ job after finishing my studies, I decided to take matters into my own hands; I dug out my old dream of starting a café.”

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Technology, children and good parenting

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Star Wars figures. (Photo: Daniel Cheung / unsplash)

“It’s pretty obvious that technology evolves, rather than going backwards. For this reason, it’s likely a bad idea to look at it as an enemy that should be defeated.”

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