“Horror” and comfort in GeyserHaus

in Concerts/Music
Concert, public domain photo
Public domain photo

This Wednesday, before September sends chilly gushes of wind, the Get Well Soon Big Band promises a musical highlight – shivers down one’s spine guaranteed. After all, its latest album – The Horror – explores human abysses and fears.

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Going West – Sachsen in Alberta

in Lifestyle/Travel
Alberta, Canada
Alberta. Photo by jameswheeler on Pixabay

“Hier ist kein Berg zu hoch, keine Strecke zu weit, keine Einladung zu spontan.”

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A Greek person’s guide to the Greek islands

in Philosophies/Travel
Greek islands
Corfu - Pixabay

What do different Greek islands have to offer, and what is our author’s favorite?

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Pforte zum Wunderland: Linda Marwan

in Arts/Philosophies

Part 7 of our German series by Nils Müller, on local-based artists: “Dort, wo sich das Gras teilt, wo der Holunder zittert, wo der Löwenzahn in die Vielzahl geht, beginnen wir einzuschweben, in das Gebüsch, das zur Wolke wird, zum Rauch, zu Sternenbildern sogar.”

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Saxony Elects: Meet the candidates face-to-face

in Action/Leipzig/Politics
Saxony Elects - Dresden
Dresden, the seat of the Saxon government. Public domain photo

Want to help fight the blue menace? Ask the people hoping to represent us in Dresden what they plan to do. 12 August at Basislager Coworking Leipzig. AND DON’T FORGET TO VOTE IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO!

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Vox Lux: provocation pop star

in Movies/Music/Reviews
Vox Lux cover shot
Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

Watch as the sole survivor of a school mass shooting goes viral on YouTube and rises to pop stardom, singing songs written by Sia.

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