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Back in action: LeipGlo Job Fair on October 17th


Are you an international job-seeker looking for exciting career opportunities in Leipzig? Or are you a company seeking access to a diverse pool of talented individuals? Look no further! The Leipzig Glocal Job Fair 4 is the perfect platform for connecting job-seekers and companies in a direct and personal way, fostering meaningful connections.


Eight years of LeipGlo and just getting started

Timing, synergies and the mysterious ways of the universe have now brought together a team with complementary skills rallying around a common vision. This constellation may manage to lead LeipGlo into a sustainable future.



The team managing LeipGlo.com or producing our content embody the glocal spirit of this webzine.


New Zealand to Leipzig: our news reporter Kim

Over the next few weeks, The Leipzig Glocal will be introducing its new team and begin implementing changes to its brand. The first new team member we'd like to introduce is Kim from New Zealand. She'll be LeipGlo's main news reporter.


Weekly Vent: the house is empty again

So today I start a column called Weekly Vent. Because, why not. I'm sitting in this empty house that's The Leipzig Glocal. Tired. The figurative house still gets guests, visitors, but only I "live" here now.


LeipGlo at age 6: bending not to break


We are transitioning into becoming a community organization rather than a startup. In this mentality of "by the community, for the community," we increasingly rely on our loyal website users for content and recommendations.

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