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Native Americans

Guarani-Kaiowá bring their fight to Leipzig

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50 people attended an event at Leipzig's Die Villa discussing the plight of the Guarani-Kaiowá indigenous people. Photo: Daisy Lange; story published by The Leipzig Glocal

“I am here in Europe in search of an arm, of a hand, in search of brethren, in search of that big heart that is sensitized by this cause, because the food that is eaten here in Europe comes with Indian blood.” – Ládio Veron

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Peter Höhne: childhood dreams and adult realities

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I was excited and intrigued. No space was left untouched. Next to me a limited edition black powder-coated wrench set hung from horseshoe nails. Various knifes were stuck in the wall in a row as though a knife thrower had been there. The radiators were encased in forged metal. The metal door frame into the bathroom was red glitter auto paint. Even the kitchen cabinet handles were wrenches and studded with red rhinestones. WOW! I was pretty much spellbound.

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