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June 01, 2015

Leipzig Events: Weeklong city festival celebrates 1000 years of Leipzig with different themes, parties, concerts, lectures; Plagwitz goes music-wild Saturday night

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Photo by A. Kliushnyk

There’s so much happening in Leipzig these days, in terms of party and arts and culture, that it’s difficult to keep track. One example is the “festival week” going on right now celebrating 1000 Years of Leipzig – the StadtFestTage – with a different theme everyday based on groups of people. Tuesday’s theme is sports enthusiasts, with a Zumba flashmob slated to congregate at the market square at 5 p.m. Wednesday it’s “everyday heroes” who get honored with special events, while Thursday is dedicated to students, and the whole weekend is filled with live concerts. And if you’ve still got stamina for more, check out the Plagbeatz music festival in Plagwitz, starting at 10 p.m. Saturday.

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Leipzig Events: Talk – “The Politics of Fear: Right-Wing Populist Discourses in Europe and Beyond,” June 4

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Prof. Ruth Wodak, http://www.ling.lancs.ac.uk/profiles/ruth-wodak

Laying bare the normalization of nationalistic, xenophobic, racist and antisemitic rhetoric, Prof. Ruth Wodak builds a new framework for this ‘politics of fear’ that is entrenching the social divides of nation, gender and body in Europe and beyond. The result reveals the micro-politics of right-wing populism: how discourses, genres, images and texts are performed and manipulated in both formal and also everyday contexts with profound consequences.

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Peter Höhne: childhood dreams and adult realities

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I was excited and intrigued. No space was left untouched. Next to me a limited edition black powder-coated wrench set hung from horseshoe nails. Various knifes were stuck in the wall in a row as though a knife thrower had been there. The radiators were encased in forged metal. The metal door frame into the bathroom was red glitter auto paint. Even the kitchen cabinet handles were wrenches and studded with red rhinestones. WOW! I was pretty much spellbound.

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