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Blinde Farben: “deep blues, warm ochres, vivid pinks”

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“It is in these places where we find the true spirit of creativity, where the magic happens and people from all walks of life gather to warm their souls and stare into the flames for a while.” Blinde Farben Exhibition, Tretjakow Gallery, Lindenau. Runs until 21 Dec.

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Warst Du Kind genug? Lena Inosemzewas Malerei

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Part 4 of our German series on local-based artists: “Lena Inosemzewa stellt uns Kindertage hinter verwischten Scheiben vor. Scheinbar ungewollte Flecken, Tupfen und Tropfen bilden hier eine Patina, ein Gegengewicht zur erinnerten Zeit.”

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re-kriˈeiʃən: “example of radical change”

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“Put to the test daily, people follow very individual impulses, other social groups represent different ideas and concepts, and theories often cannot be put into practice.” – Caroline Hake. The artist’s new solo exhibition has its opening reception tonight at Galerie b2, in the Spinnerei complex.

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My life on Mars: art and outer space

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Artist Elizabeth Gerdeman, working on a diorama created for artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s exhibit Martian Dreams Ensemble. (Photo © Elizabeth Gerdeman)

Contemplating Elon Musk, life as a simulation, and building a planet from scratch.

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KKW: Selvita & other upcycling highlights

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Selvita snakes. Photo © Marcela Ceballos

“A being made up of various matters will eventually be reborn as a different being as time passes.”

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Katrin Heichel: Heim. Ich gehe jetzt.

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detail: Katrin Heichel, Scheitern [Heim III] 2018, Oil on Canvas, 210x300cm, photo courtesy of Josef Filipp Gallery

“These are paintings you’ll want to live with. They are beautiful, make you think and give you a safe place for contemplation.” The exhibit closes this Saturday – so hurry over to Spinnerei!

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