Leipzig during the 2022 Christmas season. Photo by Nico Knaack on Unsplash.

Leipzig Christmas Market 2023 Guide


Leipzig’s city center has once again been transformed into a winter wonderland. Leipzig’s Christmas Market dates back to 1458, making it Germany’s second-oldest market after Dresden. With nearly 300 vendors in Leipzig’s Innenstadt selling Glühwein, Kräppelchen, Lebkuchen, gifts, decorations and much more, Leipzig has one of Germany’s largest markets today.

The main Christmas Market is certainly not the only game in town. For those looking for smaller or alternative experiences, read on for our comprehensive guide to Christmastime in Leipzig. All events have free entry unless otherwise noted. And for those interested in holiday cheer outside of the city, markets in Markleeberg, Taucha, Grimma, Delitzsch and Rochlitz are short train rides away.

Photo of Christmas decorations by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash.

Leipzig Christmas Market 2023


Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt

Where: City center

When: 28 November-23 December
Sunday-Thursday, 10:00-21:00
Friday-Saturday, 10:00-22:00

What: The main event in town. Leipzig’s city center is now home to some 300 stalls and experiences, including a medieval market, Finnish and South Tyrolean villages on Augustusplatz, an enormous Christmas tree on the Markt, daily visits with Santa Claus, any food and drink you can dream up and much more.

All the details: https://www.leipzig.de/freizeit-kultur-und-tourismus/einkaufen-und-ausgehen/maerkte/leipziger-weihnachtsmarkt/programm-und-veranstaltungen/

The Dark Xmas Markt

Where: Moritzbastei, Kurt-Masur-Platz 1, 04109 Leipzig

When: Sunday, 10 December, 13:00-19:00

What: Christmas market for all things Goth.

All the details: https://www.moritzbastei.de/event/special/2023-12-10/dark-xmas-markt

Weihnachten am Kreuz

Where: Werk 2, Kochstraße 132, 04277 Leipzig

When: 8 December-17 December
Monday-Thursday, 14:00-21:00
Friday-Saturday, 13:00-22:00
Sunday: 13:00-21:00

What: This Christmas Market on the grounds of Werk 2 features storytelling, songs, plays and crafts for children in addition to handicrafts, food and drinks. Visitors can create gifts in the media lab or on the crucible printing press. Donations support two local nonprofits: Netzwerk für Demokratie und Courage and Otto-Lang-Verein.

All the details: https://www.werk-2.de/programm/2023-12-16_weihnachten_am_kreuz_2023

Adventsmarkt in der Dölitzer Wassermühle

Where: Dölitzer Wassermühle, Vollhardtstraße 16, 04279 Leipzig

When: Sunday, 3 December, 13:00-18:00

What: Enjoy the first Advent Sunday at Leipzig’s only remaining water mill and hydroelectric power plant. There will be Glühwein, soup, stollen and songs by the fire, and local artisans selling honey, candles, hats, Advent calendars and other homemade holiday gifts. Children can also participate by baking cookies in a clay oven.

All the details: https://doelitzer-wassermuehle.de/

Weihnachtsmarkt auf der Feinkost

Where: Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 36, 04107 Leipzig

When: 2-3 December, 9-10 December, 16-17 December
Saturdays, 11:00-20:00
Sundays: 11:00-18:00

What: The Feinkost Christmas market offers various unique holiday gifts from local artists and craftspeople. Delicacies include crêpes, corn dogs, churros or momos under the watchful eye of the Löffelfamilie.

All the details: https://www.feinkostgenossenschaft.de/weihnachstmarkt-auf-der-feinkost/

Photo of an Advent calendar by Max Beck on Unsplash.


Felsenkeller Weihnachtsmarkt

Where: Felsenkeller, Karl-Heine-Straße 32, 04229 Leipzig

When: 30 November-23 December
Monday-Friday, 15:00-21:30
Saturday, 11:00-21:30
Sunday, 11:00-19:00

What: An intimate and “romantic” Christmas market awaits you in trendy Plagwitz’s Felsenkeller Biergarten. This market includes 15 stalls, an early twentieth-century carousel, an old English doubledecker bus à la Harry Potter and a cozy and rustic area for children to watch silhouette fairy tales. Schmied (Blacksmith) Martin will forge horseshoes and nails, and local artisans Edition Überland, Buchkinder eV, holzmops and Nährebell. Food and drink items include glühwein, crepes, garlic bread, roasted nuts and more. Folk fiddler Cat Sessional will perform on December 22 and 23.

All the details: https://www.felsenkeller-leipzig.com/

Zum Wilden Heinz

Where: Hähnelstraße 22, 04177 Leipzig

When: 2-3 December, 12:00-20:00

What: Zum Wilden Heinz hosts a neighborhood Christmas market during the first Advent weekend with local crafts from Palmendieb, lokkalekka, Papierbunt, food from the clay oven and more.

All the details: https://www.facebook.com/ZumWildenHeinz

Veganer Weihnachtsmarkt

Where: Philippuskirche, Aurelienstraße 54, 04177 Leipzig

When: Saturday-Sunday, 9-10 December
Saturday, 10:00-20:00
Sunday, 12:00-18:00

What: Leipzig’s Vegan Christmas Market is back after a three-year pause. This year’s market is the first in a new location along the Karl Heine Canal on the grounds of Philippuskirche, a Baroque Revival church built in the early 20th century that was renovated and opened as an inclusive hotel in 2019 (in addition to the church). All of the offerings at the market are made without animal products and this cultural event promotes animal liberation and veganism.

All the details: https://veganer-markt-leipzig.de/

Weihnachtsmarkt Böhlitz-Ehrenberg

Where: Freiwillige Feuerwehr Böhlitz-Ehrenberg, Schönauer Landstraße 2A, 04178 Leipzig

When: Saturday, 2 December 2023, 14:00-20:00

What: The sixth installment of the Böhlitz-Ehrenberger Christmas Market, presented by the Bürgergesellschaft [citizens’ group], features storytelling, carol singing, pony rides, Scottish music and a visit from Santa Claus with food, drink and handicrafts for purchase.

All the details: https://www.bgbe.de/weihnachtsmarkt?fbclid=IwAR199Wy49DqG_ykw-x5Au7p_WldnHlKwbI1hVDRvKxoUDqW8WjySWCUBS5c

Adventsmarkt an der Mädlervilla

Where: Hans-Driesch-Straße 2, 04179 Leipzig

When: Second and Third Advent weekends, 8-10 December and 15-17 December
Friday, 15:00-20:00
Saturday, 12:00-20:00
Sunday, 12:00-18:00

What: The Mädlervilla was built in 1902 as the family home of Anton Mädler, a local entrepreneur and suitcase manufacturer who commissioned Leipzig’s famed Mädlerpassage. The estate and grounds today serve as an event venue, with a separate Atelierhaus for several artists and institutions and guest rooms for rent. Mädlervilla will hold a market on the second and third Advent weekends with sweet and savory foods, drinks, gift vendors and musical performances.

All the details: http://www.maedlervilla.de/

Advent in den Hinterhöfen Kleinzschochers

Where: Taborkirche – Windorfer Straße 45 A, other locations

When: Sunday, 16 December, 14:00-18:00

What: After a two-year break, the Bürgerinitiative Kleinzschocher has once again organized a festive afternoon in backyard locations around the neighborhood. Enjoy Christmas cookies, mulled wine or Kinderpunsch, a fire show in front of Taborkirche and an evening concert by tonART inside the church.

All the details: https://www.leipzig.de/freizeit-kultur-und-tourismus/veranstaltungen-und-termine/eventsingle/event/advent-in-den-hinterhoefen-kleinzschochers/

Why not source material from a Christmas-themed walking tour and then organize a trivia evening with your friends or family this holiday season? (Photo: Ana Ribeiro)
Christmas in one of Leipzig’s historic Passages. Photo by Ana Ribeiro.


Weihnachtsduft und Lichterglanz

Where: Gohliser Schlösschen, Menckestraße 23, 04155 Leipzig

When: 29 November-21 December
Wednesday-Saturday, 15:00-19:00
Sunday, 12:00-18:00

What: For those who think Christmas has gotten too commercial, then this cultural offering is Gohlis is for you. “Weihnachtsduft und Lichterglanz” (“Christmas Scene and Shine of Lights”) consciously avoids market stalls to “create an atmospheric and contemplative place for art, culture, conversations and socializing,” according to organizers. There will be food, drink and music in the Baroque garden. (And, for those in a pinch, holiday gifts including sculptures, paintings, photographs and prints can be bought in the castle’s western arcade.)

All the details: https://gohliserschloesschen.de/weihnachtsduft/

Adventsmarkt im Kulturhof Gohlis

Where: Kulturhof Gohlis, Eisenacher Str. 72, 04155 Leipzig

When: 2 December-3 December
Saturday, 13:00 – 20:00
Sunday, 11:00-18:00

What: Kulturhof Gohlis hosts an Advent market on the first Advent weekend with 20 local designers, artisans and creators selling accessories, ceramic and porcelain, jewelry, stationary, natural cosmetics, felt art, home decor and more.

All the details: https://kulturhof-gohlis.de/

Photo of an Advent calendar by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash.


Weihnachtsmarkt in der Mühlstraße

Where: Mühlstraße 14, Mühlstraße 14, 04317 Leipzig

When: Sunday, 10 December, 14:00-19:00

What: This socio-cultural center in Reudnitz hosts a Christmas market in the house and Hof on the Second Advent Sunday. Offerings include a Santa workshop for making your own gifts, mailing letters to the North Pole and a visit from Santa Claus.

All the details: https://www.muehlstrasse.de/feste-festivals/weihnachtsmarkt.html

Stötteritzer Adventsmarkt

Where: Gutshof Stötteritz, Oberdorfstraße 15, 04299 Leipzig

When: Sunday, 3 December, 14:00-19:00

What: This market at the Stötteritz estate includes a variety of food and drink vendors and stalls selling beekeeping items, wood and paper goods, jewelry and more. There will be musical offerings and a performance of “Peter and the Wolf” from 16:00-17:00.

All the details: https://www.gutshof-stoetteritz.de/aktuelles/adventsmarkt-auf-dem-gutshof-stoetteritz

Weihnachtsmarkt am Schloss Schönefeld

Where: Schloss Schönefeld, Zeumerstraße 1, 04347 Leipzig

When: Sunday, 3 December, 11:00-18:00

What: Spend the first Advent Sunday at this Christmas Market on the grounds of a castle that dates back to the 16th century. Visitors can expect musical entertainment and a visit from Santa.

All the details: https://schloss-schoenefeld.de/

Hof-Advent Liebertwolkwitz

Where: Liebertwolkwitz (Hofgenossenschaft Stiftsgut Liebertwolkwitz), Liebertwolkwitzer Markt 11, 04288 Leipzig

When: Saturday-Sunday,16-17 December
Saturday, 14:00-20:00
Sunday, 14:00-18:00

What: The historic Liebertwolkwitzer Markt features about 20 stalls from distillers, potters, perfume makers, butchers and bakers. Children can enjoy a carousel, puppet theater and craft workshops. Donations to the Hofgenossenschaft “Stiftsgut Liebertwolkwitz” eG.

All the details: https://www.hofgenossenschaft.de/details-registrierung/hof-advent-2023-16-und-17-dezember-2023

Did we miss any Christmas markets you know about for the area? Drop us a line at contact@leipglo.com.

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