Leipzig Events: Vikings, water fest, toboggan race, and gay and lesbian choirs in store for this weekend

Recent fun on the water in Leipzig - Th!nk? Festival 2015 at Cospudner See. Photo provided by M. West-Davies.
Recent fun on the water in Leipzig – Th!nk? Festival 2015 at Cospudner See. Photo provided by M. West-Davies.

Been fun running these event posts by reader Marjon Borsboom. Many things I probably wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. This weekend, for one, the Vikings are coming to town. But they seem to have become a lot more tame since their erstwhile time of conquests, judging by the plastic swords and helmets and children’s rides at amusement parks. Let me know what you run into during this visit of theirs. Rumor has it that they’re kinder to people who dress up like them… if things get out of hand, maybe you can escape via homemade objects in the toboggan race, or just speed away on a boat from Wasserfest. And then go enjoy the performances of the gay and lesbian choirs (“schwullesbisches” in German) coming to town as we speak (my own tip). Viel Spaß!

14th – 16th August ► Wasserfest – Water event

Boat races, family fun, food & drink, entertainment etcetera on and near Leipzig’s rivers, canals and lakes. More info (in German): http://bit.ly/1M2hdBh

14th – 16th August ► Wikinger Spektakel at Galopprennbahn Scheibenholtz – Viking Days at the Racecourse

All kinds of historical, Viking-related entertainment, food, trade and dress-up. If you come dressed in traditional Viking clothes, you get a discount! More info (in German): http://bit.ly/1gHvQ1A

16th August ► Pappbootrennen – Toboggan Race in Markkleeberg

A race with homemade floating objects that are quirky and sometimes surprisingly fast at the Markkleeberg Kanupark. More info (in German): http://bit.ly/1VZjfXn

Ana’s tip:

13th – 16th August ►Nordakkord 2015 Leipzig – Das Schwullesbisches Chorfestival des Nordens

More than a dozen gay and lesbian choirs from different parts of Germany are now congregating to perform in Leipzig at various events around town, in the third edition of this festival. More info (in German): http://www.nordakkord.de/

Ana Beatriz

maeshelle’s tip:

15 August ►kein klang gu ぐうの音もでない – Japanese Haus

MimiCof // japanese label PROGRESSIVE FOrM


After dinner and flea market (VoKü + Japanese flea market) Leipzig based artist shishigami who brought out his second EP in December 2014 on Bandcamp will start off the evening, followed by MimiCof a.k.a. midori hirano, a japanese musician, composer, sound artist and producer. Born in Kyoto and now based in Berlin, her productions are based around traditional instrumentation – piano, strings, voice – augmented with subtle electronic processing and samples, resulting in a rich, warm and melodic, rolling sound. OH how I love Japanese experimental music!!!!! I’ve been collecting it for more than 10 years. There’s just something different….better….about it.

VoKU from 7.00 Das Japanische Haus e. V.
Eisenbahnstr.113b, 04315 Leipzig, Germany





Marjon is Dutch and came to Leipzig in August 2013 with her family, because her husband got a job in the area. At the time she still had her own copywriting company, producing Dutch texts for websites, press releases, brochures, etc. She is an avid social media user and a passionate (digital) networker. Marjon has a degree in tourism management, which partially explains why she is always on the look-out for interesting Leipzig events and attractions.

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