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Out of the shadows…

in Events
Participant at Wave Gotik Treffen 2015, Leipzig. Name unknown. Photo by Marjon Borsboom.

…and into the (day)light.

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Saying hello (a year later) #canyoubelieveit

in Community/Glocal/LEIPGLO/Leipzig
The historic "Spoon Family" sign at Feinkost in Leipzig.
The historic "Spoon Family" sign at Feinkost in Leipzig.

A small “thank you” note to all our contributors and readers on our first anniversary.

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“Lolita:” language, immorality and a masterpiece

in Literature
Scene from the 1997 film adaptation of Nabokov's "Lolita." Photo from Wikipedia.

Contradictions are a challenge our world poses to us, so they need to be dealt with by, among other things, literature.

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Carnaval in Brazil: nostalgia and tips beyond Rio

in Culture / Entertainment/Lifestyle/Party/Travel
Street party in Brazil.
Public domain photo

“The feeling of ‘I wish I was there’ may turn, unexpectedly, to resentment and even rage when you see your friends happily smiling with ridiculous costumes in colorful pictures and you realize you have been using the same ugly sweater since New Year’s eve— the day your social life in Europe died to be reborn in warmer months.”

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Review: Anomalisa

in Culture / Entertainment/Movies/Reviews
"Anomalisa" movie poster. Licensed for use under Wikipedia.

To me, the movie Anomalisa is like an existential poem I can deeply identify with. It’s also a tragic love poem of sorts, and a requiem for the middle- and upper-middle class in “Western” society. Catch it in Leipzig this Tuesday.

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Review: Mr. Holmes

in Movies/Reviews

In the high vulnerability of body and mind of his last days, totally believable with McKellen’s acting, I’ll dare say Sherlock Holmes has never appeared so human.

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