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“Like Thomas to Mendelssohn’s Wedding March”

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Germanophile poetry cover. Public domain photo

Leipzig elements woven into a tapestry pattern of a Germanophile literary reader – a maze of well-combined imagery.

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“How long have you been a daughter?”

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"How long have you been a daughter?" - Poetry. Public domain photo

how long have you been a figure in the ledger of life / put a scanner to your face, read the barcode of time / thirty-three or three, according to the new chronology

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Character: as flawed as the ancient Greeks’

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Statue of the Greek god Poseidon. (Photo: public domain)

Which is your character archetype, according to Theophrastus?

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Literary autumn arrives at Baileo

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Literary autumn and bridges in Leipzig.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Leipzig-Houston City Sisterhood, this year’s Leipziger Literarischer Herbst includes multicultural literary events such as The Windrose of Dreams and Bridges of (Com)passion. @ Baileo – Tanzpassion Leipzig, with support from The Leipzig Glocal.

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Mors certa, hora incerta: a poem

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Mors certa hora incerta: Inscription in Latin around the clock at the "New Town Hall" in Leipzig.

The clock is inexorable. What (random) memories do we keep?

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1003 Nights: “Und weiter und fort”

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  • julie-cover-open-mic_Rico-Molaro.jpg?fit=1020%2C576&ssl=1
    Julie Schöttner, winner of 1003 Nights Contest. (Photo © Rico Molaro / Opera on Tap)
  • cocktail-open-mic-cover_Rico-Molaro.jpg?fit=1020%2C576&ssl=1
    Audience at Cocktail Open Mic Vol. 4, where Julie Schöttner read. (Photo © Rico Molaro / Opera on Tap)

“On the one hand, I wanted to create a kind of snapshot and write about a night which in itself is so complete and saturated that it deeply enriches you. Andererseits wollte ich über zwei Unbekannte schreiben, die sich in eben einer solchen Nacht finden, einen vollkommenen Moment teilen, und sich dann wieder verlieren.”

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