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“Bloodline” and the diamond lost at sea

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Bloodline is multifaceted, like a diamond that needs to be uncovered and deciphered with each episode. Review: http://leipglo.com

Add a drug and human trafficking ring to the mix, and you’ve got quite an interesting little beach.

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Feel like a duckling in Lindenthal

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An afternoon in Lindenthal can be quite refreshing - all natural pond makes you feel like a happy duckie. http://leipglo.com

The best thing about the semi-bucolic quarter for non-residents is probably its public pond.

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Hypewitz: summer Fridays in nightlife limbo

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(Mis)adventures in Plagwitz Hypewitz nightlife. http://leipglo.com

My belly hurt from laughing at some points during our failed attempts at partying all night.

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Fashionzig: 5 basic tips for your ideal style

in Lifestyle by
Lenka Seresova, who writes about fashion, style, beauty. http://leipglo.com

At the end of the day, it is all about trial and error and seeing what works for you and what you feel fierce and confident in.

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Hospitality: the stranger question

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The Stranger Question from Sister Sylvester (Alma Toaspern, Kathryn Hamilton, Kinga Jaczewska and Juan Betancurth at Lofft, photo Christian Martin

Whom would you invite to your home?

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Dhar, Leipzig and stand-up comedy in English

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After glowing multicultural responses to his stand-up, I was curious over why, as an adoptive Berliner, the entertaining host from the UK chose this format and locale.

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