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Danish writer muses on Leipzig, press freedom

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Aspiring Danish journalist Mads Haahr visited Leipzig for the first time to attend the ECPMF press freedom conference in October 2016. Photo: ECPMF/Lamm

Despite a certain initial skepticism, the city left me with more impressions to write home about than merely the matter of resin and Red Bull money.

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My Leipzig: Germany’s “best Indonesian restaurant?”

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Makanan Indonesian restaurant in Leipzig. (Photo: Ana Ribeiro)

It’s at Leipzig East, the carp is to die for, and it’s got vegan options and a very nice owner.

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Tanztausch Dance Festival: be there

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PARADISUS? Emanuele Soavi IN COMPANY / Analalogtheater (Cologne), photo Joris Jan Bos

Some issues are international, or does that make them human issues? Tanztausch Dance Festival starting Thursday at Lofft.

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Nutcracker: NOW

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Yoko Seyama’s sets and Alexandar Noshpal’s costumes bring this classic into 2016.

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Poem: The tale of Rosie and Sally

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Photo credit: bobosh_t via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

Magnetic, she knew how to make one feel special.

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Broker’s Quixota: dive bar hardcore

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Smalltown America 
21 October 2016
Brighton-based DIY hardcore/math trio BROKER present their second album 'QUIXOTA' on Smalltown America Records

“(BROKER) may look like a box of odd socks but there’s nothing else mismatched about their precise, mathy hardcore, and tonight they’re nothing less than immense’ - Kerrang! Live review

Catch this heavy-guitar combo in Plagwitz before gentrification makes us all wear loafers.

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