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Car cruising across South Africa

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South Africa road scene. (Photo: public domain, Pixabay)

Farming and small towns and villages are placed in between beautiful semi-arid hills and open areas that span to the horizon.

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Alessio Trevisani: “1916 onenineonesix”

in Dance/O & P Highlights by
Alessio Trevisani's 1916 onenineonesix, photo Benjamin Streitz

One hundred years on and we have to ask, “What has changed?”

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100 Yen Love: from “slob” to boxer in urban jungle

in Movies/Reviews by
Tokyo. Public domain photo.

Its anti-heroine is one of the bravest characters I’ve seen in urban-jungle type movies.

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Scavenger hunt in a real corn labyrinth

in Lifestyle/Outdoors by
The corn labyrinth in the Bennsdorf / Frohburgh area, view from a tower. (Photo: Ana Ribeiro)

It’s not often you find places like this so close to the city anymore.

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DOK Preview: discover DEFA and GDR films

in History/Movies by
Vintage camera. (Photo: public domain)

The history of the film studio mirrors that of Germany itself.

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Fashionzig: heat up your autumn with burgundy

in Lifestyle by
Burgundy marigold.

Just like wine, the fashionable colour is a dark, rich shade of red that represents not only elegance, but also courage and passion.

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