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Holidays abroad: tips for gift shipping

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Photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert via Visualhunt / CC BY

There’s nothing worse than getting something fabulous to wear from abroad and not being able to wear it.

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Body Awareness review: us under the microscope

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Cynthia Dyre-Moellenhoff (Phyllis), Erik Eek (Frank), Julia Kragh (Stage Manager), John Moser (Jared), Nicola Chapman (Joyce)

As you leave this thought-provoking play, there are many themes you can choose from to discuss over beer and wine at the bar.

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Sauna in Finland: chamber of male secrets

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They need to let it all out somewhere, and they do it sitting in an “oven” naked and vulnerable with other dudes.

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The jolly season starts now – let’s light it up

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Photo credit: anniehall--nc via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Excess is highly frowned upon, but I just can’t help it – somehow I love a Christmas Light Fight!

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Castro’s Cuba: lessons on financial waste

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Economic inefficiency is the accepted result of staying in power until you turn 90.

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Curators in South Korea: Bernd Krauß

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Bernd Kraus T.U.N. at 11th Gwangju Biennale 2016
The Eighth Climate (What does art do?), photo: Candace Goodrich

Krauß’s wandering is the predominant tool in this work.

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