Urban Investigations Series: Bayerischer Bahnhof

in Cityscapes/History
View of freight yard and terminal at the Großmarkthalle. Photo: Atelier Hermann Walter, 1929

Take a gander through the crumbling landscape of Leipzig’s Bayerischer Bahnhof and surroundings in Part I of Urban Investigations, a miniseries looking at industrial culture – past, present and future – in our city.

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Cocktail Open Mic Vol 12 beamed from lockdown

in Culture / Entertainment
Cocktail Open Mic meets goth
Voice actor Peter Seaton-Clark, Cocktail Open Mic host, at the April 2019 edition. Photo: Omkar Panchal

Cocktail Open Mic Vol 12 is on! From your house, to our house and back to your house with intros by our ever-so-cheeky host, Peter Seaton-Clark. Send video by 1 April to be featured. We’ll all watch together 3 April on the Cocktail Open Mic Facebook page.

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Streaming through the Coronavirus quarantine

in Movies
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Our film insider put together a few special picks to keep you entertained and engaged during the Corona isolation. All films are available OmU and OV to recreate our local cinema listings on the small screen.

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7 tips for staying sane during the coronavirus crisis

in Community/Lifestyle/Philosophies
Public domain image.

What can we do to feel better and saner right now as we contend with the scourge of coronavirus? Here are a few thoughts and common-sense tips.

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O jeitinho brasileiro não funciona fora do Brasil

in Opinion/Society
jeitinho brasileiro
Public domain photo

“Burlar as regras de um país para conseguir encaixar-se na sociedade pode ser possível no Brasil, onde não há consequências para o jeitinho brasileiro. Mas fora dele, as consequências podem ser drásticas e até mesmo irreversíveis.”

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Review: ETL’s Philoctetes evokes the pain of betrayal

in Culture / Entertainment/Stage/Theater/What's on
Felix Kerkhoff compels as Philoctetes. Image by Sira Bitan, courtesy of ETL.
Felix Kerkhoff compels as Philoctetes. Image by Shira Bitan, courtesy of ETL.

ETL presents an adaptation of the Greek classic, Philoctetes. Directed and translated from the original by Abigail Akavia, this innovative twist on an old tale explores human pain and redemption.

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