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#TechTavern: come and sit by the fire

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The writers for #TechTavern, new column on LeipGlo. (Photo: Patrick Bauer)

“We’ve been able to stumble onto something so precious, so unintentionally – simply by sharing our ideas with those who happen to be around us.” Meet the inspiring and inspired guys from our new bi-weekly column, #TechTavern.

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World Cup 2018: picking the Best Eleven

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Daniel's Best Eleven. Public domain photo

If you could draft any eleven players from World Cup 2018 into your dream team, which would you pick?

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Cavafy: the lighthouse of Alexandria

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Old lighthouse. (Photo: public domain)

If you still haven’t had the chance to encounter C.P. Cavafy during your literary adventures, maybe you will be happy to let this lighthouse of Alexandria guide you through centuries of Greek history – and timeless insights into the human condition.

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Feline and Strange: love and “Your Life”

in Dating/Music by
Feline and Strange, Your life video still, videographer: Keren Chernizon

Dating in our modern world is complicated. “And they lived happily ever after” is not as easy as the fairy tales told us.

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Racial terror and remembrance: beyond a single story

in Glocal/History/Politics by
Racial terror in the United States. (Photo: public domain)

An American scholar in Leipzig asks: What can the US learn from Germany’s successful experience memorializing its atrocities? #NeverAgain

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Sacred Games: a “spider net” from India

in Culture / Entertainment/TV by
Sacred Games is the new "spider net" by Netflix, capturing Indians and other international audiences. (Photo: public domain)

Netflix is spreading its reach all over the world. The digital giant now enters the Indian market full-on with its first Indian original, the ensnaring thriller “Sacred Games.” Here’s an enthusiastic review from a Leipzig-based filmmaker.

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