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re-kriˈeiʃən: “example of radical change”

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“Put to the test daily, people follow very individual impulses, other social groups represent different ideas and concepts, and theories often cannot be put into practice.” – Caroline Hake. The artist’s new solo exhibition has its opening reception tonight at Galerie b2, in the Spinnerei complex.

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Character: as flawed as the ancient Greeks’

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Statue of the Greek god Poseidon. (Photo: public domain)

Which is your character archetype, according to Theophrastus?

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Hibernation & nostalgia with cheese noodles

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Käsespätzle - German cheese noodles.

“As the days shorten and the temperature lowers, the winds bellow, and the sky darkens, I find solace and comfort in the hefty meals to consume.”

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First Man: between aloof husband and hero

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First Man, starring Ryan Gosling, tries to balance the domestic with the historic. (Image: public domain)

“Arguably the most tightly action-packed scene of the film, its opening, throws the viewer alongside Ryan Gosling’s Armstrong into a tin can of a flight vessel that is edging towards the atmosphere. Immediately afterwards, we are brought into the personal trauma of Armstrong’s family.” Playing in the original @Passage Kinos this whole movie week.

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Cocktail Open Mic: Ghost of seasons past

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Ghost of seasons past. Dolores Delices, captured by Justina Smile Photography.

“Velvet wind, laced with cool silver light and spiced with innuendos of weekend… spurned me on my way to Baileo, a place where vegetables turn into fruit of art at the Cocktail Open Mic.” We’ve got three very diverse headliners this time: a famous Nepalese-American poet, a burlesque performer, and a solo electric guitarist. Fri, 23 Nov, 8-11:30 PM.

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“An antidote to mindless entertainment”

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“This year’s edition of TransCentury Update will take its audience on a cosmic rollercoaster ride to the blazing edges of the galaxy, back to the darkest depths of Planet Earth again.”

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