Curated Monthly: Top art picks in Leipzig this March

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GfZK building
Image: Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (GfZK), by Tino Strauss

Leipzig’s abandoned industrial buildings, art-world heroines and fruit: our art insider’s top Leipzig art events this month

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ETL: Philoctetes, a tale of morality

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Felix Kerkhoff as Philoctetes. Image by Emily Wessel, courtesy of ETL.
Felix Kerkhoff as Philoctetes. Image by Emily Wessel, courtesy of ETL.

English Theatre Leipzig’s newest production Philoctetes is a tale of morality, of a hero who suffered great misfortune. Odysseus returns to Lemnos to get Heracles’ bow, but Philoctetes is still alive. Neoptolemus initially agrees to deceive Philoctetes, but ultimately chooses compassion.

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A cathartic poem: Leaving Lethe

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A cathartic poem
Látrabjarg (Photo: Elisabeth Winkler)

Leaving Lethe by Elisabeth Winkler is a poem about avoiding difficult decisions and overthinking, with an introduction by the author.

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Poetry: “Last night she dreamt of a bear”

in Literature
Black bear image courtesy of Pixabay user skeeze

The new poem from LeipGlo contributor and author Lito Seizani titled “Last night she dreamt of a bear”

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Literary Parlor: interview with poet Fiona Sampson

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Autumn in England
Photo credit: Derwisz on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Our literature columnist, Svetlana Lavochkina, got a chance to talk with Fiona Sampson, acclaimed poet and author of an upcoming biography on Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

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Die hautnahen Stunden des Benjamin Springer

in Arts/Philosophies

Part 9 of our German series by Nils Müller on local artists: “Der Klang einer Jazztrompete erklingt am Fenster zum Unendlichen, denn Fenster sind auch Benjamin Springers Bilder.”

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