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Janelas no Purgatório: essay in Portuguese

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Janelas à mudança.

Quem de nós “expatriados” não se lembra do momento que decidiu jogar tudo pro alto e se mandar? Mesmo que tenha demorado um pouco entre a decisão e a ação…

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A gender-aware reading of “Good Manners”

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(Marjorie Estiano) and Clara (Isabél Zuaa) share a moment of tenderness in Good Manners. (Source: www.adorocinema.com)

Shedding the “good manners” expected of them as women in their own milieus, the archetypes of the rich white boss (“patroa”) and poor black maid (“empregada”) bond amid their shared isolation and impulses, while challenging the stereotypes assigned to them. #MovieReview

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Inter Leipzig: football meets integration

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Inter football meets integration.

“The beautiful game cannot become a symbol of exclusion and a space for those seeking to define the nation based on racial lines – hence the importance of Inter Leipzig’s efforts.”

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Im Traum wohnt ein Pferd: zum Werk Tobia Königs

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Our first article series in German, by Nils Müller, continues by giving us a glimpse into the world of a second local artist. Teil 2: “Die feiernde Farbigkeit verstärkt noch die Fassaden, indem sie uns eine heile Welt ausfüllen will.”

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Bridges of (Com)passion: Canada in Leipzig

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Bi-cultural seesaw: How do Canadian and German cultures compare, in the eyes of a Leipzig-based Canadian with Anglo-German background?

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Lulu opera: a female artist’s perspective

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Lulu Premiere 16.06.2018 // Rebecca Nelsen (Lulu), Patrick Vogel (the artist) © Tom Schulze

In the first of a two-part piece, maeshelle west-davies and Christopher Lade go see Lulu. She speaks up first. Will they agree or agree to disagree?

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