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Bromance without romance: “The Nice Guys”

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"The Nice Guys" - an action movie with a winning threesome (not that kind). http://leipglo.com review

Could you imagine love between Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling?

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Poem: Dear Truman

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Moments that used to be precious only to us are now precious to everyone – and no one. The trend is passed down.

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Straight outta the street with NWA

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The way Ice Cube’s son plays him in “Straight outta Compton” takes you back to a misspent youth listening to great rap and hip-hop. I would say he surpasses his father in his acting skills.

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Date ideas for every day of the week

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Date ideas for every day of the week. http://leipglo.com

Need date ideas? No problem – we’ve got you, babe!

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Leipzig Events: Our top event tips to end the month with

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We’ve got our own party for you, but lots of others, too…

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Review: “Lamb” and “Deutschland 83”

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These two screen gems are/were a delight to watch, even if one may be a bit more like rough coal to some.

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