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Bridges of (Com)passion built in Leipzig

in Glocal/My Leipzig/Philosophies by
Bridge at Karl Heine Canal, Leipzig.

The kids’ own passions were ignited by inspiration in various literary and photographic genres, to form a fair, fresh, private philosophy of Leipzig oneness.

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Jeffery Krueger: US-born, German-made

in Opera/Philosophies by
Die Piraten (MuKo), featuring Jeffery Krueger in 2016-17. Photo © Tom Schulze

Opera singer Jeffery Krueger’s journey from the American heartland to the German stage.

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Memories and ghosts in a Prague hotel

in Philosophies/Travel by
Ghosts come to visit our author in dreams in a Prague hotel. Photo: public domain

“They welcomed me and then oddly warned me the hotel was haunted, especially my room, then wished me a good night.”

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The importance of learning to say “no”

in My Leipzig/Opinion/Philosophies by
When on the go, it may be hard to say "no."

There’s only so long you can kid yourself that going to crocheting classes on Tuesday nights is what you’re all about.

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Nachtgedanken: zum Werk Nils Frankes

in Arts/Philosophies by

Our first article series in German (on Leipzig artists), brought to us by Nils Müller! Teil 1: “Es sind Bilder von bestechender Klarheit, die völlig ohne Schnörkel und Brimborium auskommen und in denen man aus der Unberechenbarkeit von Nils Frankes Humor in den Kindergesichtern auch die Masken wachsen sieht, die sie als Schutzschilde zu tragen scheinen.”

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DIPAT: young energy tackles topic of death

in Business/Philosophies by

DIPAT’s road to success is fraught with the tough, heartbreaking stories and realities that justify its existence in the first place.

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