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Putin’s Witnesses: an accomplice’s tale

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Putin's Witnesses takes a chilling, intimate look at Putin's rise to power. (Image: public domain)

Focusing on the time from Yeltsin’s resignation to shortly after the 2000 presidential election, director Vitaly Mansky takes us behind the scenes of Putin’s rise to power – as he himself was behind the scenes as Putin’s then-PR guy.

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The painful road to a Germany of immigrants

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A peaceful Germany of immigrants has been a difficult road for decades. (Photo: public domain)

How does Germany become a nation of immigrants? Two great documentaries at DOK Leipzig 2018 “Der zweite Anschlag” and “Sorge 87” – show us how. Spoiler alert: The road to a Germany of immigrants is a difficult and painful one.

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Chasing Werner Herzog through DOK Leipzig

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Fan girls take a selfie with Werner Herzog, CineStar Leipzig, 29 Oct 2018. (Photo: Justina Smile Photography)

And just like that, inconspicuously, the director of Fitzcarraldo walks in.

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Extremism & soul-searching at DOK Leipzig

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Director & narrator Karen Winther in her "Exit" documentary. (Film still © DOK Leipzig)

“I was surprised at how close to home Exit hit for me emotionally, although I do not have a violent past, and do not (at least not yet) count violent extremists among people I know.” #DOK Leipzig

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Werner Herzog among DOK Fest highlights

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Werner Herzog portrait. © Zhu Jingjing.

We’re about to get starstruck in Leipzig: Legendary German director Werner Herzog will attend this year’s DOK Fest, presenting his documentary “Meeting Gorbachev” and fielding questions from the audience.

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A gender-aware reading of “Good Manners”

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(Marjorie Estiano) and Clara (Isabél Zuaa) share a moment of tenderness in Good Manners. (Source: www.adorocinema.com)

Shedding the “good manners” expected of them as women in their own milieus, the archetypes of the rich white boss (“patroa”) and poor black maid (“empregada”) bond amid their shared isolation and impulses, while challenging the stereotypes assigned to them. #MovieReview

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