Great Gatsby party at Leipzig Felsenkeller


Gatsby“F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby has come to represent a number of things to many different people. The American Dream, American self-renewal, and the hedonism and excess of the Jazz Age. … For many the novel reflects our current economic situation, or timeless ‘universal longings’ that Fitzgerald himself poured into his writings, revealing questions of attainability, aspiration, fantasy and tragedy through the life of Northern Dakotan James Gatz and his powerful dream. For decades Gatsby’s parties have been the most seductive element of the novel, with its descriptions of beautiful people and beautiful surroundings, moths and cocktails and jazz music.  The Gatsby Club at Glasgow University Union, The Candlelight Club in London, and the [other] Gatsby club in New York,  all testify to the insatiable demand for Gatsby and the glamour of the roaring twenties captured in his parties.” – James Nixon, “Cocktails, Jazz and Flappers,” The Atlantic Cable

So, now it’s Leipzig’s turn to have a large-scale organized Great Gatsby party, with tickets being sold and all. According to the event’s Facebook page, they’ve had this at various northern European cities before. In Leipzig it’s happening at 10 tonight, at Felsenkeller, Karl-Heine-Str. 32. Don’t quite know what to expect from this party, and that’s why it took me until today to decide to post something about it. Pretentious? Burlesque? Just a bunch of costumed people dancing to electro swing? Don’t know if you will still be able to get a ticket, but when I checked last night they were still available, and perhaps it’s worth a try if you’re in Leipzig and feel like being spontaneous this Saturday night.

I’ve still to decide if I will try to go. I leave you with scenes from Baz Luhrmann’s “Great Gatsby” movie, which apparently got people even more into Gatsby-inspired parties. I personally much prefer “Moulin Rouge,” though. (Sorry.)

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