Networking at our fourth job fair held on October 17, 2023 at Werk 2. Photo by David Simon.

Leipzig Glocal Job Fair 4: It’s a Wrap!


Nearly 300 people attended the LeipGlo Job Fair 4 on Tuesday, October 17 at Werk 2’s Halle D in Connewitz. The job fair was the first that LeipGlo produced since 2019 due to the pandemic, and our 12 exhibitors were able to spend the afternoon chatting and networking with local job seekers. 

Leipzig has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, but despite the availability of numerous job search platforms and events, finding the right match for both companies and potential employees remains a challenge. Recognizing this gap, has been actively bridging this divide since 2018 through our popular jobs page and job fair series.

In all of our job fairs, we hope to create an informal and friendly atmosphere—and we think we delivered that yet again!

Over at the LeipGlo booth, we enjoyed meeting with Glocals and hearing about their experiences settling in Leipzig, and especially how LeipGlo’s articles helped them find community and feel more at home. 

Networking at the LeipGlo Job Fair 4, held on October 17, 2023, at Werk 2. Photo by David Simon.

Our attendees were students and professionals in industries that included management, hospitality, writing, architecture, teaching, engineering and more.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend, or if you weren’t able to talk with all of our exhibitors, here is a list of the companies that we partnered with:

PRISMA European Capacity Platform: Gas and energy sector leader PRISMA focuses on sustainably connecting energy markets. 

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions: Bridgestone is a global telematics service provider offering careers in IT and customer service in their Leipzig office.

DHL Hub Leipzig: Leipzig is home to one of DHL’s three worldwide hubs, and the shipping giant offers logistics and supply chain management jobs at the Leipzig-Halle Airport.

Lancaster University Leipzig: Lancaster University Leipzig is a highly-ranked British university that offers positions in teaching and administration.

Learn and Speak Leipzig: This language school offers freelance teaching roles and teaching certifications. 

ETS Global: ETS is a global provider of educational testing and has local jobs in educational consulting and assessment services.

IT VISTA: IT VISTA is a local staffing agency that focuses on connecting IT talent and employers.  

Die Techniker (TK): LeipGlo’s health partner TK generously supported our Job Fair Services Area that featured DevHaus Leipzig, Arbeit und Leben Sachsen, Career Service University of Leipzig and SMILE University of Leipzig. They were also our official bike smoothie provider. 

DevHaus Leipzig: Equipping individuals for the job market, DevHaus provides coding training and instructor positions in Leipzig.

Arbeit und Leben Sachsen: This organization connects job seekers with employers, vocational training opportunities and additional support. 

Career Service University of Leipzig: This resource provides career support to Leipzig students and job seekers. 

SMILE University of Leipzig: SMILE helps the University of Leipzig offer support to students and alumni launching their own businesses. 

The Leipzig Glocal: It’s us! The driving force behind The LeipGlo Job Fair, we’re passionate about connecting international residents with the local community and job opportunities.

More scenes of exhibitors and attendees at the LeipGlo Job Fair 4 in October 2023. Photo by David Simon.

We also hosted an Instagram Live with Prisma and Bridgestone Mobility Solutions in September and discussed specific open positions at those companies and more general tips for applying to jobs and living in Leipzig. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better fourth edition of our job fair. We’d love to hear from attendees about their experience and any other feedback; you can write us using this form.

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