Leipzig Events: We could steal time just for one day, Jan 21-27


TONIGHT, 21st January ► We can be heroes at Fisch

Celebrate the amazing life and legacy of David Bowie with “film and music in his honor” among fellow fans and sympathizers at Fisch Bar, Georg-Schwarz-Str. 109. Starts at 21h. More info – follow the <3

…More fun stuff to do in Leipzig…

List from Stadt Leipzig >>> <3

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21st January ► Lecture: The “European Refugee Crisis” in Our Cities

Prof. Christine Hentschel, Hamburg University, will reflect “on how urbanites navigate through uncertainty and vulnerability on and through the material surface of the city. And she will ask, how is it possible that an issue as deep as hosting refugees in a 21st-century global situation of war and misery gets decided on the basis of a municipal building code dating back to 1955?” In English. At the Centre for Area Studies, Thomaskirchhof 21. From 17:15h-18:45h.  More info >>> <3

21st January ► Big Band Night – Blaswerk Leipzig and guests

One cool venue. Two big bands. Jazz and film tune favorites. Starts at 20h at Moritzbastei, Universitätsstraße 9. More info >>> <3 

22nd January ► Internationales Café

Studentenwerk Leipzig invites international students from all Leipzig universities to have free coffee and cake while learning about the offers and services available to them. Don’t forget to bring your student ID along. From 15:30h-17:30h at the Mensa am Park, Universitätsstraße 5. More info >>> <3

22nd January ► “Baal” by Brecht – Simultaneously in English

Schauspiel Leipzig, Bosestraße 1, will once again present the play “Baal,” written and scored by Bertolt Brecht, simultaneously translated into English (via headphones) starting at 19:30h. The play is about a lecherous, murderous youth, and was reportedly written by Brecht when he was very young himself: 20 years old and student in Munich.

More info and tickets >>> <3

Dates when other plays (i.e. the classics “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Antigone”) will be simultaneously translated into English or Spanish at Schauspiel >>> <3

Baal Brecht

22nd January ► Actors, Stars and Superstars: The Methods of Robert DeNiro

Learn from the best. No, DeNiro won’t be there, but people who will talk about just how he does it. Starts at 20:15h, at memento. Leipzig, Kolonnadenstraße 1. More info, in German >>> <3

23rd January ► Fear and Loathing in Leipzig

A local theatrical interpretation of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Director: Lisa Byl. At Neues Schauspiel Leipzig, Lützner Str. 29. Starts at 20h. More info, in German >>> <3


24th January ► WILMA Kulturabend

Talent show and intercultural evening organized by WILMA, Leipzig’s international student organization. At Neues Schauspiel Leipzig, Lützner Str. 29. Starts at 18:30h. More info from us >>> <3

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