FUNkyFRIdayz #LOVEzig: get those hips moving


It’s that time of the week and DJ Buti has chosen a very special mix by Skor Rokswell, who will be playing at the #FUNkyFRIdayzLAUNCHparty on 26 FEB. It’s a tribute to J Dilla. 10 years after his Feburary death, it has become a DJ tradition in the hip hop scene and, as usual, this one’s  guaranteed to get you to that very special place….love.

by DJ Buti

“This… is not just an all Dilla episode as the tradition demands, it comes with a guest feature of my man, Raminski, from Movement Radio/Kiel. Turn it up!” Skor Rokswell.

J Dilla mixes in the month of February have always represented love and unity and, most importantly, a commemoration of one the greatest DJs and music producers that has ever lived. Skor Rokswell takes us on his journey of “Dillary” and I was particularly impressed by the track selection. Skor Rokswell plays songs J Dilla produced for Slum Village, Common and many other influential artists in the Industry. A mix to chill to. A mix to vibe to. From start to finish the articulacy and precision Skor Rokswell uses is just perfect to spread the love on Valentines Day.

“Dont sell yourself to fall in love because sometimes you got to do right,” a J Dilla song quotes.

I could quote Dilla songs the whole day relevant to the month of February but I would rather have you hear it yourself.

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