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FUNkyFRIdayz: Dørbystarr so lit


Hope Leipzig is ready for the crazy beats, trap, hip hop wave that’s shooting its way. I say this because the game is getting more and more interesting each and everyday. Who am I to speak about these changes?  I just got to Leipzig, right? In my two years of being in this lovely inspirational city I almost felt like it was hard or nearly impossible to get a balanced Hip Hop diet. I first heard Dørby when I gate crashed Jahmica’s Attic Party two years ago and he was on the decks.

Skill so lit, technique so lit, style so lit. Dørby so lit.

In this mix though, he took his style and technique to peaks unknown. Thank God I had a conversation with him a week ago about playing around with this genre and exploring new frontiers- Hip is one genre that is full of politics, so much that it’s almost like mafia business, where selling out is the most strenuous thing to do. So much that if you sell out many will disown you, even the closest of mates. Some know how to make it work and many get completely caught up in the sales and never return to their roots and grab some street cred again.

Enough of the politics, pump this mix, feel my drift and stay on grip.

By the way you will need something stable to hold on to because this mix will blow you away and ladies, don’t turn the volume too high when you bump this in case you wearing those loose dresses. lol.

NB: Let’s chill together today at this party.

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