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FUNkyFRIdayz: Float like a butterfly

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Chilled is one thing, but Said has just re-invented cool, calm and collected with this installation of straight up chilled out instrumentals and underground hip hop tracks. Whether you like hip hop or not, this mix will fit into your day just perfectly, especially on a Friday at work just before the weekend.
Enough said. Just chill to the mix, and to make everything even doper you can come listen to him this Sat, alongside Carool and me, at the Muhammed Ali Memorial Party, THE RESURRECTION OF HIP HOP NIGHT, at the Olympia Boxclub. The event will connect boxing and hip hop at one of the greatest boxing rings (Karl-Heinestraße 85-93) for one of the greatest boxers that’s ever lived.
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Said always brings fire to the ring. 

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