Openings and Premieres: 17-22 Feb



17 Feb Ansichtssache? Aktuelle Leipziger Kunstausstellungen im Gespräch.


Jeannette Stoschek (Head of the Graphic Collection, Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig), Wolfgang Ullrich (freelance writer and cultural theorist, Leipzig / Munich) and Frank Zöllner (art historian, University of Leipzig)

Moderator: Andreas Höll (art editor, MDR Figaro)

Selected presentations from design through painting to photography. Conversation with various aspects, for example, the different curatorial concepts, the question of the position of painting in Leipzig or the principle of the exhibition deal.

Free Admission

Sponsored by smow

Fig .: Edgar Leciejewski


17 Feb Pünktlichkeit und Langeweile @ Westpol Airspace

Punctuality is a wet blanket. For the person who takes it seriously, it promises the smooth running of all projects, making the deadline. But for the unpunctual it becomes a waiting period, involuntarily stolen time and senseless boredom.


The exhibition “punctuality and boredom” includes installation, sculpture, photography and performance.

Andreas Miller, Stephan Murer, Daniel Pauselius and Hannes Waldschütz

11 hkk Christina Baumann 2

19 Feb Between confusion and perception, Christina BaumannHelmut

In her paintings Christina Baumann searches for the point where the colours and forms get closer and the eye starts to realise a form or a subject. She likes to ‘stop’ on this point, leaving the picture as open as possible and giving an offer for the viewer.

Vernissage 19 Feb

open 20/21 Feb 4-8


more openings at art leipzig.

Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.

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