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G2: New Acquisitions

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See what’s new at G2.

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ATOMHEARTMOTHER: dark side of the moo

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The LOFFT brings cutting edge performances that reflect our time. It would be very disruptive to the Leipzig art scene were they to be without a stage.

Feral cows live around Fukushima. Atomic cows? Cowzilla? New shows: Thur 6 Oct, Fri 7 Oct, Sat 8 Oct 8.00, plus a Special Cooking Workshop Sat at 4.00

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In the night: nothing but dance

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Watch or participate. No excuses this weekend.

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I’ll be your mirror. Andy Warhol screen tests

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Sometimes you just have to sit back and wait to see how people reveal themselves. 25 of Andy Warhol’s screen tests open at GfZK this Thur.

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Dance in the museum

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Your chance to see Leipzig Ballet for free.

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Openings and Premieres: Fri 29/Sat 30 April

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Spoilt for choice Friday in Lindenau!

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