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In a previous Leipzig Glocal edition, Maeshelle aptly summed up the Continental Subway radio show. You can now listen to it every Tuesday at 10pm on Radio Blau (99.2 FM) in its full glory of “purposeful randomness”. While the show is a Leipzig-based tribute to music and cultures from around the world, it is also an example of ‘freeform radio’, meaning a format free from any edtitorial constraints. From its outset, the idea has also been to include others, be it as studio guests or listeners phoning in. Guests so far have included musicians and bands, authors and poets as well as people from all walks of life talking about what is close to their heart.

This week, Continental Subway’s phonelines will be open to you to quiz the hosts live on air. David Dichelle invites you to call and ask questions you may have about things that baffle you about either the English language or German. Some language peculiarities don’t make sense if you are not a native speaker, so feel free to ask any language-related question you like, and Dave and his crew will do their best to come up with purposeful, and – if possible – random answers. With this random concept in mind, you are also encouraged to call and talk about whatever happens to be on your mind. The number is 0341-3010006, so please do make your call!

For more information on upcoming shows, check out the Continental Subway Facebook and Twitter page, and listen to previous shows on Mixcloud.

Here’s a link to the live stream, and for those in possession of a 19th century terrestrial wireless, this is how you can tune in wherever you are in Leipzig:

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