INNSIDE by Meliá, a recently opened hotel in Leipzig, is now hosting bi-weekly pre work parties. Photo courtesy of Maria Löding, INNSIDE Leipzig
INNSIDE by Meliá, a recently opened hotel in Leipzig, is now hosting bi-weekly pre work parties. Photo courtesy of Maria Löding, INNSIDE Leipzig

“Pre Work” party trend hits Leipzig


It’s early morning on a work day. You spot spinning records and Bloody Mary’s – with or without alcohol. Bacon, eggs and fruity stuff. You can pick your poison, or your elixir, before the call of duty.

The "Bloody Mary Station" at INNSIDE Leipzig's #PreWork party. Photo courtesy of Maria Löding, INNSIDE.
The “Bloody Mary Station” at INNSIDE Leipzig’s #PreWork party. Photo courtesy of Maria Löding, INNSIDE.

INNSIDE by Meliá, a new hotel in Leipzig, has now begun hosting bi-weekly #PreWork parties.

The same is happening at other hotels from the chain in Germany. You can listen (or even dance) to a DJ, mingle with others, have breakfast, and mix your own (spiked, spiced) tomato juice concoction.

Thirsty work bees and like-minded folks can do it Thursday mornings starting at 7. They can then come back and join the early birds or the all nighter crowd (#Post-Club) Saturdays, also from 7 a.m.

For all the single ladies: INNSIDE staff tells me that 80 percent of guests on Thursdays have so far been men. Saturdays have been more coupley.

Parties before work are now, in fact, an international trend, to get people energized – some of us are just not that chirpy early.

Some parties, like NYC’s Daybreaker, insist on going the “all healthy” way, with smoothies on tap instead of mind-altering substances, and working out to pulsating beats pre-work. But these Germans here know better.

Oh how nice it is for us alcophiles to have a little morning kick in a socially accepted way, when previously we had to wait all the way until lunch break! If you’re still gonna feel guilty, either stick to coffee and juice or down a box of mints post-Bloody Mary. Or say a couple Hail Mary’s. And don’t blame ME if you get in trouble…

Evening party types can still get their weekly groove on at INNSIDE Leipzig, at #AfterWork Wednesdays from 6 p.m. Morning and night, they’re right there at Gottschedstraße 1. It’s conveniently across from the famous Thomaskirche, where you can go to repent.

Let us know if you hear of any more #PreWork parties in town… we’d be happy to write about or announce them on our Events Page.

Cover photo: DJ at a #PreWork party in May, at INNSIDE by Meliá in Leipzig. Photo courtesy of Maria Löding, INNSIDE.

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