Heiner Uebbing

Heiner Uebbing originally hails from rural Lower Saxony and is based in Leipzig. His passion for film dates back to his teenage years, when he started attending film festivals, writing and corresponding about his experiences. You can probably spot him in one of Leipzig’s OmU/OV screenings in the front rows.

Dogman: “a very mixed set of thoughts”


"Dogman is a depressingly beautiful film full of thought-provoking, dreadful imagery, following a tragic but most of all ambivalent protagonist." Catch it Wed 28/11, @ Cinémathèque in der naTo.


First Man: between aloof husband and hero

"Arguably the most tightly action-packed scene of the film, its opening, throws the viewer alongside Ryan Gosling's Armstrong into a tin can of a flight vessel that is edging towards the atmosphere. Immediately afterwards, we are brought into the personal trauma of Armstrong's family." Playing in the original @Passage Kinos this whole movie week.

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