Bachfest Leipzig walking tour


I’ve been wanting to make a “walking tour” video of the Bachfest venues after watching several such that just wander around Leipzig aimlessly. So here it is.


Björk’s “Cornucopia” and the dream of a sustainable future


Like her character in "Dancer in the Dark," Björk turns a tragedy into a musical in "Cornucopia." The iconic genre-bending artist is able to stare over the edge of the cliff with a stubborn hope as we all hurtle towards it. We attended her concert in Leipzig on 24 November and share our insights with


Leipzig slashes contemporary music funding

Leipzig is more like the "City of Old Music," our investigative report finds.


Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2023 Recap: GALLERY


David Simon, Leipzig Glocal's art director, shares his impressions and photos captured during the 2023 Wave-Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.


Concert review: Hermanos Gutiérrez at UT Connewitz

For the two hours, Hermanos Gutiérrez took us along on a musical journey through Mexico's landscapes, sounds and indigenous traditions.


The musical landscape of Hermanos Gutiérrez

Hermanos Gutiérrez, a Swiss-Ecuadorian duo that released one of the best albums of 2022, plays in Leipzig this weekend.

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