Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2023: When Leipzig goes dark

An insider view of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen, held May 26-29 this year. The annual pilgrimage brings tens of thousands of goths from all over the globe to Leipzig.


Sistanagila: solidarity with Iran protestors


Shaking with emotion, the singer places her mobile phone on the music stand. She picks up the microphone. The Leipzig Gewandhaus is hushed and tense. Struggling to hold her voice steady, the young woman in western dress sings the lyrics relayed to her phone via Twitter. It is a new protest song direct from the


ETL’s Scab delivers chalk and cheese


I have a thing about theatre. I want it to be either utterly exhilarating and breathtakingly brilliant or so lamentably, gut-twistingly inept as to be a delicious and hilarious spectacle. That’s probably quite mean. It’s also probably quite true of a lot of people. Theatre can take you on a journey that film can’t. You


Pussy Riot – a story of protest and resistance


How does one describe a Pussy Riot performance? Music? Theatre? Activism? Art? Curiosity led a select public to their intimate concert at Täubchenthal in Leipzig on Friday night. Some, perhaps, in the hope of answering that question. The latest Pussy Riot mixed tape released out of the States is “Matriarchy Now“. Anyone expecting to be


Neues bei Grieg – infusing tradition with new energy


Leipzig has long been renowned for its musical influence. This is due, in no small part, to being the home of Bach as well as the place of his burial. Several statues, books, and plaques can be found around town notarizing his musical history and impact on Leipzig. But Leipzig boasts many other musical influences.


Sub_Bar – subfrequencies and haptic art


With Sub_Bar, Eufonia launches a pioneering series of events exploring music, subfrequencies, and the haptic sense. Our sense of touch, ignored by compositional practices, is home to our deepest memories and most instinctive reactions. It speaks a language of pain and pleasure, trauma and comfort, summer and winter. What happens when we stimulate it with

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