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Poggenburg far-right demo in Leipzig a major flop

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    Photo © George O'Connor
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    Photo © George O'Connor
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    Photo © George O'Connor
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    Photo © George O'Connor

“There is one detail Poggenburg seems to have either forgotten or wilfully ignored: Leipzig is a red and green island in the Saxonian sea of blue, and the people here are very proud of it.” A photojournalist at the scene gives us a play-by-play account.

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CSD Leipzig Pride 7,000 strong

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There’s nothing like dancing through the streets behind a truck pumping out beats, especially when it’s for something you believe in.

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No more racists: is that like whistling in the wind?

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Chicago resident Emmett Till was visiting his grandparents in Mississippi when he was the victim of a racist murder.

Emmett Til, the face that launched the Civil Rights Movement.

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What will we do with our Mondays?

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Without LEGIDA, what will we do on Mondays?

After we cheer our new found peace, we can think about what’s next.

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Violence and learning

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Violence and learning @ Lofft

All the way from Sweden and performed in English, Violence & Learning is a performance that aims to make the convinced pacifist clench his fist and make the stone throwing activist to reconsider. ONE NIGHT ONLY TUE 26 APR shows at 6 and 8 at LOFFT

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