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Take a stand against discrimination in Germany

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Fighting against discrimination
Their #WirSindMehr placard reads: "No place for Nazis." Chemnitz, 3 Sept 2018. (Photo: Patrick Bauer)

The ripples we create from where we are help strengthen the growing wave against discrimination around the world – combating the tide that threatens to sweep away our civil rights and ability to be our authentic selves. #unteilbar #CSD2019 #Leipzig

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Writers start up new groups in Leipzig

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Writers unite
Public domain photo

“The Leipzig Writers’ Meetup group is a space for people who write anything – books, fiction, non-fiction, short stories, scripts – to exchange ideas, share feedback, motivate each other, find a writing buddy or buddies, and also just to chat.”

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Teenagers chain themselves to Leipzig City Hall

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Teenagers with Extinction Rebellion Youth chain themselves to Leipzig City Hall
Teenagers from Extinction Rebellion Youth locked themselves to Leipzig City Hall gate demanding a response from politicians. (Photo: Ana Ribeiro / LeipGlo)

LeipGlo went to the scene and got the scoop on the first demonstration by Extinction Rebellion Youth in Leipzig and Germany.

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Crowdfunded scholarship honors Prof. Crister Garrett

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Remembering how happy a scholarship in memory of his late father, also a professor, had made him, Prof. Garrett’s wife and daughters quickly found the path to honoring him beyond obituaries and flower wreaths. They would spread his legacy and generous spirit by helping the students of the future – starting with crowdfunding.

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Exit Stage Right: ETL’s daring cacophony of farewells

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Exit Stage Right
Public domain photo

A bit of tough love for the folks at English Theatre Leipzig.

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HGB Leipzig: Rundgang as call to solidarity

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HGB Rundgang 2019, Graphic by Barbora Demovičová, Eleanore Schilling
HGB Rundgang 2019, Graphic by Barbora Demovičová, Eleanore Schilling

The tone is one of protest. Here’s how our city’s Academy of Fine Arts is using its annual student artwork exhibition as a platform to demand better conditions. You can take part in the event through the end of Sunday, 17 February.

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