Violence and learning


We see this on the streets every demo day: people who have lost sight of the bigger issue because they are too busy being caught up in the fight. This is, and has long been, a world-wide issue. Lately it feels like an epidemic.


All the way from Sweden and performed in English, Violence & Learning is a performance that aims to make the convinced pacifist clench his fist and make the stone throwing activist to reconsider. Destroy what destroys you, so the saying goes, but what are we on the verge of losing?

Let nothing be counted for good, although, as always it may seem really helpful, and nothing henceforth be considered honourable except what changes this world once for all: it needs it.


Violence & Learning is inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s 1930 play, The Decision/The Measures Taken, which he claims to have adapted from the tradition Japanese Religious theatre called : a genre which focuses on holding on to ideals, literally to the death.

Now it’s 2016 and the world is filled with strikes, blockades, riots and refugees.

Four actors include the audience in creating a chain of events. Inspired by true events, these could happen here and now, playful yet deadly serious.

Artistic direction, concept and script: Henrik Bromander, John Hanse
Producer: Samira Aridad
Sound: Jonas Åkesson
Lighting: Kerstin Weimers
Actors: Oskar Stenström, Sanne Ahlqvist Boltes, Sofia Snahr, Olof Mårtensson
Photo: Violence & Learning

A production from Samira Aridad in cooperation with LOFFT-DAS THEATER. Supported by KULTURBRYGGAN Stockholm and das Inter Art Center der Lund University Malmö.

Violence and learning at the Lofft
Tue 26 April at 6 and again at 8

Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.

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