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Remembering slain journalist Lyra McKee one year on

in Politics/Society
Stormont in Belfast
Stormont in Belfast. Public domain photo

“A young, gay, female journalist… was killed in an act of terror, one year ago. Today the Covid-19 virus, a global pandemic which does not recognise borders or religion… is a powerful reminder of the suffering we all experience in this world.”

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New Leipzig magazine seeks contributors

in Glocal/My Leipzig/Philosophies
Neu in Leipzig story cover. (Public domain photo)

The German-language publication “will tackle head-on the many obstacles to integration, by teaming up newcomers who have experience as writers, photographers, journalists or documentary film-makers, with native German tandem partners.” Benefit comedy show & information evening on Tue 4 Dec, at Leipzig’s Telegraph.

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Post-truth era: fake news and the threat to freedom of speech

in Opinion/Politics/Society
In Trump's world, whoever speaks against him does not speak the truth and does not therefore deserve to speak.
In Trump's world, whoever speaks against him does not speak the truth and does not therefore deserve to speak.

The problem is that to Trump, his critics are the creators of fake news. A word against Trump is not a truth. What is “not truth” is now to be censored.

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Podcast: Interview with the founder of detektor.fm

in Culture / Entertainment/Leipzig/Start up

It’s pretty much uncut, as if it were live. I wanted it to be more like radio, and more like a conversation.

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Where the refugee crisis and press freedom issues meet

in Action/Refugees
Arrested refugees in Fylakio detention center, Thrace Evros Greece," by User: Ggia. Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Besides being a humanitarian crisis, the current refugee situation also highlights limitations to press freedom in Europe.

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Helpers needed for ECPMF conference

in Conferences/Jobs
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

ECPMF is seeking helpers for their first conference, with those who speak English and German preferred, but also speakers of Russian, Turkish and Arabic. Some paid positions are available for those who can work 2-3 days.

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