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Jacob Tremblay dazzles in “Room”

in Movies/Opinion
Jacob Tremblay as Jack and Brie Larson as Joy in the acclaimed indie drama "Room" (2015.) Movie review from leipglo.com.
Jacob Tremblay as Jack and Brie Larson as Joy in the acclaimed indie drama "Room" (2015). Photo from flickr, labeled for reuse with modification.

Review and musings on the acclaimed indie drama and its rising young star – and where to catch the flick in Leipzig.

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Macbeth is on the Flicks

in Movies/Reviews

Our Kapuczino gives us a glowing review of Macbeth (2015) with some enriching historical context.

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Carol looks good on the silver screen

in Culture / Entertainment/Movies/Reviews

Will Carol and Therese find the courage to live out their passions – professionally and personally? Will they risk ostracism for their sexual preference in 1950s American society? Will there be a happy ending for them?

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Review: Anomalisa

in Culture / Entertainment/Movies/Reviews
"Anomalisa" movie poster. Licensed for use under Wikipedia.

To me, the movie Anomalisa is like an existential poem I can deeply identify with. It’s also a tragic love poem of sorts, and a requiem for the middle- and upper-middle class in “Western” society. Catch it in Leipzig this Tuesday.

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Review: “Lamb” and “Deutschland 83”

in Culture / Entertainment/History/Reviews/TV

These two screen gems are/were a delight to watch, even if one may be a bit more like rough coal to some.

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The Danish Girl

in Arts/Movies

How much has changed since 1930?

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