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Panorama and Monos, South American critics’ darling

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Panorama favorite Monos
"Monos" film screenshot, YouTube. © Alejandro Landes

Alejandro Landes’s new fever-dream film, “Monos,” has critics raving about its deft mix of “Lord of the Flies,” “Apocalypse Now” and contemporary socio-political climate.

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The body remembers when the world broke open

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The Body Remembers
Photo by DAVIDCOHEN, public domain

“The Body Remembers is a critical, insightful portrayal of the reality young indigenous women of color in Canada face today. The film excels at telling this disturbing story with fresh insights and a perspective often lacking in popular culture.”

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Review: Öndög at Berlinale 2019

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The Berlinale Bear at the Sony Centre, Potsdamerplatz. Photo: Brigette Dummer © Berlinale
The Berlinale Bear at the Sony Centre, Potsdamerplatz. Photo: Brigette Dummer © Berlinale

“In this barren wasteland, next to a corpse and leaning on a gigantic animal, the mature herder seduces the young cop with alcohol and cigarettes. And while this might suggest sinister intent or a moral point to hammer home, the embrace that the two share is oddly beautiful.”

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Lithuanian taxidermy film travels across Europe

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Photo by WATARI on Unsplash.
Photo by WATARI on Unsplash.

A Leipzig-based Lithuanian viewer ponders the film: “[Animus Animalis] was very powerful and had a great variety of natural beauty in it. But some of its parts were truly irksome to watch or even think about.”

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Food chronicles of a Leipzig veteran

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Did you know about these food gems in Leipzig?
Image by igorovsyannykov on Pixabay

“If you don’t want to spend your Friday evening watching Soko Leipzig, perhaps one of my insider tips for going out might tempt you away from calling Dominos.”

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Exit Stage Right: ETL’s daring cacophony of farewells

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Exit Stage Right
Public domain photo

A bit of tough love for the folks at English Theatre Leipzig.

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