Eight years of LeipGlo and just getting started

Timing, synergies and the mysterious ways of the universe have now brought together a team with complementary skills rallying around a common vision. This constellation may manage to lead LeipGlo into a sustainable future.


Friends, an itinerant person’s sacrifice

Having lived in five countries, I can finally understand the pricelessness of being able to count on what feels like an unmoveable harbor. Wish I had one.


Learning German: my zillionth attempt

Come join me in the shared misery and mirth of learning German in an offline course in Leipzig!


interaction Leipzig: a chance to connect creatively


You can say hi to the folks at interaction Leipzig at their winter party. Finally the pandemic has let up and is allowing the community to meet again. I hope you can also find kindred spirits and stimulating activities from among their offers.


Weekly Vent: the house is empty again

So today I start a column called Weekly Vent. Because, why not. I'm sitting in this empty house that's The Leipzig Glocal. Tired. The figurative house still gets guests, visitors, but only I "live" here now.