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Getting cheap tickets to La Scala in Milan

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It is possible to pay as low as 5 euros to get into this iconic venue!

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My emergency airplane landing

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A positive story involving a difficult situation aboard an airplane in Europe.

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Thought of the day: On traveling differently

in Philosophies/Travel by

Some years back, when I was living in Wilmington, North Carolina, I decided to take a Saturday Chinese class (confession alert!) because I wanted to meet a certain cute guy I’d seen at a Chinese community party and who I knew must be taking one of the courses. But also a little because I wanted…

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ThrowBack Poetry: “Bohemian lover” and falling in love with Wilmington during my crazy mid-20s

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I’ve just found this poem I wrote circa 2010. I’ve come across it fittingly at the moment I’ve begun falling in love with another city that’s a haven for Bohemians and all kinds of creative and free spirits. Leipzig may be the “new Berlin,” but can it become my new Wilmington (North Carolina), in a mode adapted…

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#Haiku of the day (March 22)

in Arts/Philosophies/Travel by

Raconteur – Simply a vessel/ The world tosses and saves me/ I try to describe

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