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Jan Pötter & Jude Griebel: Die Geister, die ich rief

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We call the Genie. Do we really want the wish once we see the consequences?

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KKW: “Hybrid Bodies” art engages with the new heart

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Dancers Linnea Gwiazda (left) and Maxine Segalowitz perform live the video art piece by Canadian artist Ingrid Bachmann in which they appear: "The Gift," on the experience of organ transplant recipients, at Hybrid Bodies, KKW, Leipzig. (Photo: Ana Ribeiro)

Prepare for optical illusion and interactive surprises as you explore different components of the exhibit dealing with heart transplants.

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Illusion: same as it never was

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“Significant Birds” is an auditory illusion created by decomposing frequencies of the human voice. Photo by Kate Tyndall, at the Illusion exhibit at KKW. http://leipglo.com

Illusion uses science, technology, and art to “drag you to a whole new world.”

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Intercontinental art-hopping and my quest for the familiar

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Nowadays I mostly look for small specialized museums (such as the German film museum in Berlin, film being one of my passions) or the old-factory-turned-art-gallery type. Because in the latter, I can easily and quickly move from the inside to the outside and back in – without having to go through a labyrinth of myriad art eras.

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#EditorDrawer: Spinnerei open house photo gallery

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I went to Spinnerei Rundgang last Saturday and brought a whole bunch of photos back for you. You’re welcome. Right this way, please…

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