Leipzig Events: Asia in the African imaginary and from the perspective of a South African scholar, June 3

Scarlett Cornelissen, https://www.zv.uni-leipzig.de/en/research/ral/leibniz-programme/leibniz-professorship.html
Scarlett Cornelissen, https://www.zv.uni-leipzig.de/en/research/ral/leibniz-programme/leibniz-professorship.html

A very well-accomplished but apparently quite modest fellow glocal will be speaking in Leipzig on Wednesday, June 3. I’ve been to her current class at Leipzig University and have had a coffee with her; besides constantly encouraging other students to speak their mind, she listened to me babble on about my PhD work and showed much interest and patience, while refusing to talk about the very meaningful work she’s done.

It’s the inaugural lecture of Prof. Scarlett Cornelissen, the recently appointed Leibniz Professor at Leipzig University’s Research Academy. Prof. Cornelissen, who is based at Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, has written many publications, won several prestigious awards, lived in different continents, and currently teaches and does research on foreign policy, political economy, and general trans-national and -regional relations, especially between Asia and Africa. Her lecture next Wednesday is entitled “Asia in the African Scholarly Imaginary.” It sounds intriguing to me, so I’ll go, and also to show my support to this very nice and knowledgable lady we’re lucky to have with us for the summer. The lecture starts at 5:15 p.m. and lasts until 6:45 p.m., at the Alter Senatssaal, Ritterstr. 26, 04109 Leipzig. It’s open to the general public.

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