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This week’s binge: “Stranger Things”

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"Stranger Things" is an intensely exciting series for a child of the 80s and 90s like myself, and had me binge-watching and finishing it within 48 hours, although I usually don't like monsters and over-the-top gooey stuff.
"Stranger Things" promo shot. From Netflix.

The next season opens on 27 October on Netflix. From the soundtrack (rife with 80s alternative rock classics) to the sets, throwback scenes and props – the telephones, the radios, the walkie-talkies – you’ll be immersed in their nostalgia-inducing world.

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Insider guide to the lakes around Leipzig

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Photo by H Köpping Athanasopoulos

It looks like the weather will remain good for the next couple of weeks… perhaps it is time to do a little exploring.

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With friends like these

in Glocal/Society
photo supplied by Kate Tyndall; graduation in Veneto.

Graduation, Veneto style: The insults in the papiro are sometimes biting, the secrets divulged are intentionally embarrassing, but I will admit that watching left me feeling a bit jealous.

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Children’s shops: a Leipzig mum’s picks

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Looking for where to buy unique gifts in Leipzig for children? We've got some hot tips.
Looking for where to buy unique gifts in Leipzig for children? We've got some hot tips. Public domain photo.

Here in Leipzig, we may be far away from that ideal children’s wonderland that exists on social media, but we still have a couple of nicely curated shops around.

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Total déjà vu – Independence Day: Resurgence

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Jeff Goldblum and Data

As you may have guessed from the posters, the aliens are headed back to earth looking even scarier, and having an even bigger spaceship.

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Into the coup

in Opinion/Politics
Photo credit: farukr3 via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

What lessons can we learn from Turkey, Venezuela and Egypt?

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