NYE 2019: 20s party at Leipzig Felsenkeller


I’ve had all kinds of New Year’s Eves, maybe because I’m old enough to have experienced all kinds of debacles… I mean, occasions. From getting sick all over a boyfriend’s fresh laundry to falling asleep in tears at 10 PM to walking around aimlessly in the cold to paying over 100 EUR for pretending to dance along with 70-year-olds and sipping on sub-par cocktails to the occasional nice evening when I don’t expect too much, I’ve been around. NYE 2019 will hopefully fall into the latter category, of more-or-less going with the flow and ending up pleasantly surprised.

After a trip to Madrid fell through this year – way too far for those of us who avoid flying and way too expensive this season – I decided to settle for good ol’ Leipzig. I knew from previous NYE party roundups we wrote that there would likely be plenty of parties out here. Since I’m too lazy to organize a house party and the NYE ones I’ve been to have been (you guessed it) hit or miss, I decided to go for an organized shindig at a venue.

So I looked up the NYE 2019 party list on Urbanite and happened upon Felsenkeller’s.

The club and concert hall in Plagwitz (Karl-Heine-Str. 32) hosts various sorts of events, from alternative to mainstream. I guess their NYE 2019 event falls somewhere in between. It’s a 20s party – something they’ve become known for hosting by now.

I remember wanting to go to one of these parties (“Great Gatsby”) there a few years ago. But then I gave up because I’d have to get a costume. Now, however, my partner and I have something fancy and vintage to wear already in the closet. And it’s kinda cool that it’s a 1920s party and it’s about to be 2020!

Felsenkeller’s “Babylon” – which calls to mind the successful TV series “Babylon Berlin” – reminds me of a dress-up burlesque party I attended in Copenhagen almost a decade ago. Fun and risqué. There’s a program of song classics, electro-swing, a live band and even some burlesque, too. There’s talk of a “casino” on site.

And in case we get bored, we can drag our fabulously-dressed asses back home whenever. We won’t have broken the bank, since tickets cost less than 30 EUR each.

So if you don’t yet have fixed plans for tonight, maybe see you there! I heard it got pretty crowded in front of the entrance last year, though. So now you can’t buy tickets at the door anymore. It starts at 9 PM and runs until 4 AM.

You can still get tickets online for “Babylon” HERE, where they also list some venues where you can buy them in person.

If this is not your thing, but you’d still like to go to an organized party in Leipzig, check out Urbanite’s extensive NYE 2019 party list.

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