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“Bloodline” and the diamond lost at sea

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Bloodline is multifaceted, like a diamond that needs to be uncovered and deciphered with each episode. Review:
Rocks. Public domain photo.

Add a drug and human trafficking ring to the mix, and you’ve got quite an interesting little beach.

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Eliakim Araújo 1941-2016

in Culture / Entertainment/TV
Leila Cordeiro e Eliakim Araújo on Conexão América

Were it not for this legacy and love, you probably would not be reading this.

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Dealing with grief on the screen

in Movies/Reviews/TV

Small-time mafia, gentrification of the Bronx, drugs, secret love, bullying, racism, good food and wine, this show has many things to quench the viewer’s thirst for more.

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A darker shade of “Orange”

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Personal musings and tease for Orange is the New Black Season 4.
Orange is the New Black gets darker in Season 4. Public Domain photo, Pixabay.

Shit’s getting dark in Season 4 of Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.” Get an inciting but not-too-revealing look right here.

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“Love” according to Judd Apatow

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Now, Apatow presents Love to Netflix audiences. At first, I refused to watch it precisely because of the title. The theme is trite, to say the least. But I should've known better. As I'd come to find out, Love offers a more realistic portrayal of love than pretty much any romantic comedy I've seen before, on the big or small screen. Apatow, the series's writer and producer, has outdone himself.
Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust star in the Netflix series "Love." Image from

The final season is now out on Netflix!

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