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Got Game: Leipzig has golf lovers covered

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Golf in Leipzig. Photo: public domain

“As someone who picked up the sport a few years ago and really enjoys playing it at clubs in Machern and Markkleeberg, I was able to get some insight into the local golf scene from the very people running these two clubs.”

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A guide to scuba diving in our local lakes

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Scuba diving. (Photo: public domain)

“In this post, I want to tell you about what it takes to become a scuba diver, and about what you can discover underneath the surface of Leipzig’s lakes.”

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Inter Leipzig: football meets integration

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Inter football meets integration.

“The beautiful game cannot become a symbol of exclusion and a space for those seeking to define the nation based on racial lines – hence the importance of Inter Leipzig’s efforts.”

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World Cup 2018: picking the Best Eleven

in Sports by
Daniel's Best Eleven. Public domain photo

If you could draft any eleven players from World Cup 2018 into your dream team, which would you pick?

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Bread & games: In Brazil, football is politics

in Politics/Sports/Travel by
Football and politics in Brazil: a marriage.

To say that football in Brazil is a religion is an understatement, but it is also at the heart of its politics.

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Meet Germany’s first ParaCheer team

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Cheerleading jumps into the present with the inclusion of ParaCheer – and Leipzig comes out at the forefront. Learn more about the local team and how you can help them get to a competition in Orlando, Florida.

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