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Review: “Lamb” and “Deutschland 83”

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These two screen gems are/were a delight to watch, even if one may be a bit more like rough coal to some.

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Stage and Screen: Code Black; the new ER

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"Code Black TV series title" by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -

Code Black certainly has enough about it to become a good series for me to continue with, and it is nice to see very strong female characters on mainstream TV in an ensemble cast of mainstays and aspiring-to-be ones.

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5 songs that evoke celebrity crushes, favorite movies and TV shows (with videos)

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Garbage performing in 2005, By Stig Nyards ( [CC BY 2.0 (

Another kind of rock band I like, in a different vein, is Fun Lovin Criminals, and along with a lot of Brits who grew up with TFI Friday, we can easily picture Huey (the lead singer) in our heads. “Scooby Snacks” (song Number Three here) is one of their great numbers, but also has samples of two of my favourite Tarantino films, namely Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.

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“Vikings” TV series review

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Vikings is a series I returned to after being disappointed watching the first episode. Being very interested in early clan and nomadic folk from an early age, I thought a series from The History Channel would be compelling and have some
historical accuracy. However, I think The History Channel was probably trying to emulate the success of series like Spartacus, Rome, The Tudors and the other loosely-based historically-set series which, just like super hero films, fill our
flickering screens.

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