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Kink culture doc “Submission Possible” – a review


Synopsis: Written, directed, and created by Madison Young, a feminist porn icon, author, and sexual revolutionary, “Submission Possible” is an hourlong docu-series that had its world premiere on June 20th. It explores the queer sexual underground worlds of kink, fetish, and BDSM around the world. The sex and fetish-positive series stars Young, as the entrancing guide to an unconventional travel adventure, exploring the kink culture in communities around the world – all through the lens of the queer experience.

I’m guessing that everyone who stumbles onto this show is already somehow in the know as to what it’s about. After all, REVRY is an LBGTQ+ network that airs shows to a certain interest bracket.

Of course I understand how hard it can be to get an air slot for something so niche as kink stories.

That’s why Madison Young was probably happy to find an online platform to support her project. But it’s a shame that this means that many people will never see this just by accident and watch it unbiased.

Unfortunately queer and kink stories are indeed oftentimes seen as taboo.

They might make the occasional appearance on mainstream TV but are seen as something outlandish or freakish. Used for a joke or to highlight some underdog’s otherness. I would love for more people to see this show and to understand how all forms of sex are OK and can and should be talked about out loud.

Submission Possible is similar to other travel shows. Think James May: Our Man in Japan or Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. With a rather low production value, seen in authentic handheld camera here and there, the focus is on the story and the location.

The pilot episode is centered around New Orleans and its spiritual world of kink. Sex magic, tarot cards, aphrodisiac herbs and such are introduced by four different representatives Madison interviews. The show stays SFW – discussing the topics at hand with respect and curiosity.

So while of course it’s all about sex, in a way it never gets too graphic, which is a thing I found is common with most people working in the sex/sex education industry. No one needs the “in your face” tits and dicks except mainstream TV.

My bottom (line)

What I found a little difficult for the show is the fact that due to COVID-related production delays, the pilot episode is the only thing we will get to see for now. Further episodes will follow in 2021. I’m afraid that might kill some of the momentum. And for that situation, maybe the spirituality of New Orleans might not have been the best decision for a pilot. It generates a certain interest, yes, but it might not spark enough joy to still be remembered in half a year.

I did thoroughly enjoy the first episode, though.

Madison and her guests seem exactly like the bunch of people you’d meet at kink events throughout the world – authentic and friendly, sex-positive “weirdos” who love what they do. In the end, I guess, the mission of Submission Possible isn’t to actually show you some stuff you’ve never heard of before and plan your next vacation accordingly, but rather to create representation.

In Madison’s words: “We’re all this big potluck. We’d all bring what we have, and what is rich to us and our culture and community, and bring it to the kitchen table and share it. That’s what I want it to be.”

For a little interest boost I can now give you Madison’s itinerary for Season One so far. Subsequent episodes will feature fire play in the heat of California, pony play in rural Texas, piercing, puppies and publicity in San Francisco, nature and nurture in Seattle, and the highest of highs in Colorado. I interviewed the host Madison Young for SerienSprechzimmer podcast episode.

You can watch the show exclusively on REVRY a 24/7 LBGTQ+ virtual cable network. Also check out the Submission Possible profile on Instagram.

By Ricarda Eichler (a version was also published on

Early on, Ricarda decided that in the everlasting war of popularity between Leipzig and Dresden it was always Leipzig that would win her heart. Moving here to study, she stayed to live. Ricarda loves drinking wine and knowing things. She writes about TV shows and movies on Serieasten.TV.

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