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Where my Facebook friends and I would like you to go this summer in Europe – and why

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“I have managed to put something of a ‘tips’ post together by mentioning my column and asking my Facebook friends: What’s your favorite summer holiday place? Could you describe it in a few words? I turned the answers I got and a few of my own favorites into what comes next… photos and short blurbs.”

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Top 10 funny travel ads

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The funniest travel ads according to people out there on the web. Enjoy! https://leipglo.com

The long winding road of travel is filled with humor. And humor sells.

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Staying in a castle on the cheap

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How to stay in a castle for under 40 euros. https://leipglo.com

It’s possible to pay less than 30 or even 20 euros to stay in a castle in Europe.

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Podstel: They searched the world and settled on Leipzig for their crowdsourced hostel

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My travel column today on LeipGlo presents Podstel, shaping up to be the world’s first crowdfunded hostel (in Leipzig), and gives some tips on how you could also launch a crowdfunding campaign to finance your dream, i.e. traveling the world?

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Freed and trapped by a nomad lifestyle

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Moroccan salesman encountered at Atlas Mountains, Morocco, January 2010.

Wanderlust: Is it a matter of nature or nurture? In my travel column this week, I talk a little bit about our collective evolution as wanderers and settlers and my own path as a member of a “transnational tribe” of sorts – which has enriched my existence but brought me its share of heartache and perhaps an irremediable lack of roots. I will also be sharing some of my views on the subject, and more, on Radio Blau’s Continental Subway tonight at 10.

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I left Leipzig but Leipzig never left me

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Fellow journalist and blogger Débora Miranda describes how moving from Lisbon to Leipzig changed her life. Several years later, it has led her to write a book about her experiences as a European (and world) citizen since that very first step in 2006.

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