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Erasmus Mundus and I

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My life changed quite a bit in 2010, when I got accepted into the Erasmus Mundus Global Studies Master’s program (EMGS), part of the European Commission’s big push for international academic exchanges and cooperation. I quit my job as a journalist at the StarNews in the U.S. city of Wilmington, North Carolina, sold all my furniture and got rid…

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Cordoba-inspired travel poetry

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Travel guide, poetry, prose, inspired by Cordoba. https://leipglo.com

Journey through Córdoba, Spain – an ancient city that has stayed close to his heart in its hybridity, faded glory and simple pleasures.

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A first-time tourist in Germany

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I traveled to Germany as tourist for the first time in March 2009, from the United States, spontaneously and without much preparation. I did buy a guidebook, but barely read it; mostly just made a line on the map with a highlighter linking the cities I’d like to fit into a whirlwind 6 days. I…

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Mysterious, subtle, prolific street art in Florence and Pisa

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“This post is not about how Florence and Pisa are open air museums. This post is about this anonymous artist who has filled the walls of Florence and Pisa with discreet yet really cool doodles… It’s like a dialogue between the canvas and the paint, which makes the art so much more alive.”

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My jaunt through Milan Cathedral

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To celebrate Easter, I have decided to post some photos I recently took at the spectacular Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral). This one stands out among the many European churches I’ve seen during my travels. No wonder; according to its Wikipedia page, “the Gothic cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete,” having had some 80 architects and engineers…

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#Haiku of the day (April 5)

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Daily haiku: Home – What roots could’ve meant/ The wanderer I’ve become/ Too far to turn back

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