Another Leipzig: New Leipzig, North Dakota

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We virtually travel to tiny New Leipzig, North Dakota.
New Leipzig, ND, main street. Photo from

Old links to our Leipzig on the other side of the world. But oh the beer…

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Leipzig Events: Meet three of our columnists at Sofa Stories, May 15

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Poetry and prose

What are you doing this Friday, May 15? Will you be in Leipzig? If you feel up to it, come ’round to Uptown Coffee Bar, Riemannstr. 44 (by Flowerpower off Karl Liebknecht Str.), at 5 p.m. Two of my fellow columnists – Stewart Tunnicliff (#MoviesAndTV) and Christijan Robert Broerse (#Literature) – and I will be reading stories and poetry there. The main thread is a special place in each of our respective lives that’s been left but not left behind, because it’s still very present in our minds and creative musings.

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#WeeklyHaiku: “Haven”

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Public domain image

Room to hear my thoughts
A cup of joe to warm me
Chat with a good book

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Rejection’s ramifications

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Rejection is rejection. Photo credit: Emilien ETIENNE via / CC BY

In rejection, we not only feel hurt but it seems more than that.

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Striking Lebanese songstress to perform in Leipzig, May 21

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Google Images

Yasmine Hamdan is a woman that gave blood to many a vampire-enthusiast’s heart with her cameo appearance in Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive. She’s quite an impressive woman, that Yasmine. It’s the self-assured (and very gorgeous) appearance in Jarmusch’s ode to darkness that lets her take center stage just when she starts to sing. Listen to the somber tones of a deep and well-controlled baritone, radiating the desire of a brooding volcano to erupt. Match it with a very feminine appearance in black western clothes to evoke quite an intriguing and beguiling picture.

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