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O jeitinho brasileiro não funciona fora do Brasil

in Opinion/Society
jeitinho brasileiro
Public domain photo

“Burlar as regras de um país para conseguir encaixar-se na sociedade pode ser possível no Brasil, onde não há consequências para o jeitinho brasileiro. Mas fora dele, as consequências podem ser drásticas e até mesmo irreversíveis.”

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When your bullies become right-wing reactionaries

in Opinion/Philosophies/Society
Public domain photo

Suddenly, it all makes sense.

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João Gilberto and his heavenly gift to the world

in Glocal/Music
Joao gilberto and Rio's Sugar Loaf Mountain
Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. Google Images

João Gilberto – the inventor of the bossa nova – died on 6 July. He was a perfectionist with the gift of a perfect pitch, a musical genius. Here’s why his legacy should be remembered and cherished.

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Take a stand against discrimination in Germany

in Community/Glocal/Opinion/Society
Fighting against discrimination
Their #WirSindMehr placard reads: "No place for Nazis." Chemnitz, 3 Sept 2018. (Photo: Patrick Bauer)

The ripples we create from where we are help strengthen the growing wave against discrimination around the world – combating the tide that threatens to sweep away our civil rights and ability to be our authentic selves. #unteilbar #CSD2019 #Leipzig

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Bolsonaro lurking in the shadows at Spinnerei

in Arts/Politics

“Walking into Spinnerei Leipzig’s Halle 12, I expected to see Bolsonaro’s effigy in all manners of artistic defacing. Instead, I only caught Bolsonaro’s silhouette, so to speak, lurking around the political art. Present, but not obvious, kind of like how artists protested during the Brazilian dictatorship in 1964-85.”

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Janelas no Purgatório: essay in Portuguese

in Glocal/Philosophies
Janelas à mudança.
Janelas à mudança.

Quem de nós “expatriados” não se lembra do momento que decidiu jogar tudo pro alto e se mandar? Mesmo que tenha demorado um pouco entre a decisão e a ação…

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