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Poem: “Rio gets the Olympics”

in Poetry/Sports
Instead of talking about fears over the Rio Olympics, we visit a poem I wrote full of joy and pride in my gorgeous, trouble-ridden hometown being made host. https://leipglo.com
Rio de Janeiro, host of 2016 Olympics. Public domain photo, Pixabay.

The announcement that Rio de Janeiro would host the 2016 Olympics represented a happier, more hopeful time than the actual games in this difficult period for the city and Brazil – I’d like to remember it here.

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Eliakim Araújo 1941-2016

in Culture / Entertainment/TV
Leila Cordeiro e Eliakim Araújo on Conexão América

Were it not for this legacy and love, you probably would not be reading this.

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in DJ/FUNkyFRIdayz
#FUNKyFRIdayz says it's time to uproot

Pablo Gunzales, Uproot Andy, Washa Umkhukhu bring some much needed heat.

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Carnaval in Brazil: nostalgia and tips beyond Rio

in Culture / Entertainment/Lifestyle/Party/Travel
Street party in Brazil.
Public domain photo

“The feeling of ‘I wish I was there’ may turn, unexpectedly, to resentment and even rage when you see your friends happily smiling with ridiculous costumes in colorful pictures and you realize you have been using the same ugly sweater since New Year’s eve— the day your social life in Europe died to be reborn in warmer months.”

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Belo Horizonte, arts and culture hub

in Lifestyle/Travel
São Francisco de Assis Church, Belo Horizonte. Public Domain Photo.

“Belo Horizonte became home to charming small art galleries and a flourishing startup scene, also known as San Pedro Valley, which shook things up in the business realm of my old city. So if you have been gentrified out of Berlin or Leipzig is already too cool, that might be a feasible option.”

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Christmas Story: Jesus from the slums

in Literature/Philosophies
No planes, no ships needed – the world cruise can be undertaken in four days, on foot, by bike, by tram to the Leipzig Book Fair.

Dedicated to all the unsung sons (and daughters) of God.

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